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Alpha TransForm is uniquely able to offer all the power and control of rich "low-code" platforms combined with the ease and speed of "mobile forms". Read How 

Mobile apps built using Alpha TransForm are known for their robust offline operations with embedded business logic. Once deployed, TransForm apps can be modified instantly without further development or app rebuilds.


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Others claim offline, but there's more to offline than meets the eye.
Alpha does it all. Read about offline apps.

Enterprise-Class Mobile Apps

Don't just capture data. With Alpha TransForm you'll build mobile apps that make workers more productive and leverage your existing data investments.

Apps in Minutes

Build mobile business apps with custom features in minutes: 

  • Go no-code or low-code, depending on your skill
  • Quick Text technology speeds app dev
  • Learn TransForm in 30 minutes or less.
Offline Capable

No signal? No problem. TransForm works with or without WiFI or cell signal to:

  • Capture large amounts of data when offline
  • Auto-sync data when signal returns
  • View large manuals and videos while offline.
Embedded Logic

Out of the box functionality that helps you power more intelligent field apps:

  • Validate data before its entered into mobile forms
  • Power complex workflows and trigger alerts
  • Perform complex calculations within the app.
Fully Integrated

Tie apps directly into your existing systems and data sources to;

  • Make the data available immediately
  • Enable advanced data analysis and reporting 
  • Keep data within your systems and maintain security.

Faster, More Accurate Data Collection

By digitizing paper forms, you'll realize more worker productivity, faster data insights, better customer service, and reduced risk.

An explainer on how Alpha TransForm capabilities take your business apps to the next level.

Cross Platform icon 3

Android? Apple? Tablet? Phone? We have any worker covered. Forms also automatically adapt based on screen size. 


One Handed Data Entry iconLarge buttons, numeric keyboards, swiping and one-tap timers speed one-handed data entry.


Speech to Text iconUse speech-to-text to automatically fill in fields or take notes. Record audio during field visits.


Barcode iconScan UPC, QR Codes to lookup and capture information about the item you scanned from an online or on-device database.

Image icon 2

Currency iconStopwatch iconWeather iconESignature icon


Capture HUGE amounts of data: images, currency, time and date, timer and weather data. Let workers mark-up photos digital ink. 

Location GPS icon

Automatically capture location information, and display locations on a map. Launch driving directors for drivers and provide optimal routes for field dispatch visits.

Calculations iconsPerform complex calculations from right within the app to speed workers' ability to capture data or understand when data is outside of critical parameters.

Attention Developers:

Need to take apps further? TransForm's built-in programming language ensures you'll never run out of power.

TransForm Demo

See how quickly you can build mobile forms, improve data capture and speed data insights.

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Integrates With Your Existing Systems

Leverage the data assets you've already invested in, power daily business activity and secure corporate and customer data.

Data Integrations  

80% Productivity Increase

GBS Enterprises replaced its paper warranty process with a mobile field app and increased the productivity of its field team by 80%.

Significant # of Hours Saved

Building Engineering Company built a mobile app that saved each inspector 15 hours per week doing home energy inspections.

Sophisticated Capabilities to Manage and Analyze Your Data

With a powerful environment, you'll realize more worker productivity, faster data insights, better customer service, and reduced risk.

  • Role Based Users Management 
  • Point and Click App Builder 
  • Efficiently work with HUGE forms even on a small screen: 
  • Error Checking and Data Validation: 
  • Store, Access and Capture Large Documents and Huge Amounts of Multimedia Data 
  • Dispatch Requests to Field Workers 
  • Review and Export Data 
  • Trigger Actions to be Performed When Data are Submitted 
  • IF / THEN / ELSE Commands
  • Launch Online Driving Directions and Other Services
  • Built-in Zapier Integration