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Improve Healthcare with Data Capture Apps for Patients

Perioperative 1

This free patient medical record app makes peri-operative data capture faster for nurses in routine (patient admissions) and critical (emergency surgery) situations. Using the data-capture smartphone app built with TransForm, the nursing team can incorporate data such as images, photo annotation, audio, and more into the peri-operative data-capture process. The keyboard is optimized to speed capturing text and all types of mobile data. Hospital staff can then sign-off on the format and submit it directly into the hospital's system(s) of record -- all from their smartphone.

Medical App Features

This pre-built patient medical record app assembles patient data and critical surgical status quickly and accurately:

  • Speed data capture with one-tap pass/fail buttons.
  • Clean and simplified UI for fast patient data capture
  • Dropdown menus and buttons with multiple simultaneous choices possible
  • "Notes" field only appears once a "Yes" or "No" answer is selected
  • Responsive, two-column design utilized to keep form compact
  • Date and time stamp
  • Signature capture
Perioperative 2

Get the App

Get access to the Peri-operative Surgical Nursing App with a free trial of Alpha TransForm.