Below you will find information about Alpha Launch as well as more information about the creators of the app and trademark information.


The Alpha Launch app from Alpha Software® lets you download, manage, and run apps created with the Alpha Anywhere development system. Alpha Anywhere apps use HTML5 technology and can access native functionality using Cordova/PhoneGap.

While Alpha Anywhere apps can run standalone, either as web apps in a browser or installed on a mobile device's home screen as a Cordova/PhoneGap app, Alpha Launch has the added benefit of simplifying installation and management of multiple apps, especially in an enterprise environment and when providing for offline operation.

Who Wrote It

Alpha Launch is a product of Alpha Software Corporation. It was created using Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere development system.

Alpha Software and Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Software, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, produces products that help developers of all levels speed the development and deployment of cross-platform mobile and web business apps. The Alpha AnywhereTM development and deployment environment delivers enterprise-grade, mobile and web apps that work on the desktop and any mobile device. Its coding-optional approach accelerates development of mobile-optimized forms and business apps that drive daily business processes and connect to any backend database or corporate application. The software also delivers seven critical capabilities that enterprise users demand in modern business apps - including rich media, mapping, optimized data capture, digital ink and offline operation with read/write.

Legal Notices

Alpha Launch, and this documentation, are:
Copyright © 2016 Alpha Software Corporation.
All Rights Reserved.

Alpha Software ® is a registered trademark of Alpha Software Corporation.

PhoneGap is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Apps installed in Alpha Launch, while usually created using Alpha Anywhere, are created independently of the Alpha Launch app. They have their own copyrights, legal notices, licenses, restrictions, etc., and are not products of, nor the responsibility of, Alpha Software Corporation unless otherwise so indicated by Alpha Software Corporation.

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