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I’ve recently written about how going paperless is one of the best ways any company can reopen safely. Businesses are changing from open-floor offices with lots of in-person collaboration, to a mix of remote and in-office workers, who need more distance from one another. To enable  physical distancing and remote work, companies are rapidly embracing document digitization..

Digital documents, paper-free processes and paperless systems are the best way to get there.

But becoming a paperless business has many benefits beyond merely reopening. Using paperless documents can also save you time and money, improve efficiency and much more.

The American Express article, “Going Paperless: The Long-Term Benefits,” details some of the reasons to move away from paper documents and towards digital files.

It notes, “Paperless adoption has critical benefits, including reduced paper waste and lowered printing and storing paper documents costs. It also streamlines processes, which simplifies cost cutting and improves management effectiveness and efficiency.”

Because of the pandemic, the move towards the paperless office has been dramatically accelerated, the article notes. Max Simkoff, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based title insurance company States Title, said that due to COVID-19 “The whole mortgage closing industry is going digital overnight.”

The technology for paperless systems for handling mortgages has been around for years, he says. But there were roadblocks to using them, notably outdated regulations and a conservative industry that didn’t want to abandon filing cabinets and traditional ways of doing business. Then the pandemic hit.

It’s not just the mortgage industry that’s seeing benefits by going paperless. Jesse Wood, CEO of eFileCabinet, told American Express, “Many businesses have already seen an increase in productivity and improved communication," since moving to digital documents.

And Sunny Ashley, founder of Autoshopinvoice, an Atlanta-based shop management software company, adds, “Paperless invoicing means saved time. It means fewer misplaced papers. It means easier access to documents from any connected device, rather than needing a filing cabinet.”

Collaboration improves as well. So believes Jeff Roscher, owner of eWorkOrders, a maintenance management software company based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.

“Being able to collaborate with their team and view resources in real time gives them a big advantage,” Roscher says about companies that go paperless. “Managers can view the status of their jobs [and] prioritize and manage their resources, all from a computer, smartphone or mobile device."

Digitizing paper forms fast and cost-effectively

The key to the paperless office is the use of mobile forms, which enables document digitization and saves companies a tremendous amount of money and eliminate time spent doing data entry or paper file searches.

Document Digitization with AlphaTransFormOne particularly robust and affordable solution, Alpha TransForm (free trial and template forms available), is ideal for the task because it allows both developers and non-developers to digitize forms  of ANY COMPLEXITY for under one hour of work per page of a form.

Coding is optional, so virtually anyone can turn a  paper form into a mobile app with the latest mobile phone features (camera, GPS, time/date stamping, signatures, etc.).

The forms can also work with or without a cell or WiFi connection. Power users can use the built-in programming language and on-device database storage to add more advanced capabilities if required, such as database and reference material looks, workflow triggering, pre-loading of forms data, web services integration such as google weather reporting, etc.)

With affordable pricing and flexible licensing models, Alpha TransForm lets companies go paperless and build all the mobile forms they need for their business. 

Companies have used Alpha TransForm to digitize a range of data collection forms, such as order intake forms, inspection forms, quality maintenance forms on shop floors, construction punch lists, safety forms, patient data collection/record-keeping forms, government forms, and more.

Whichever solution companies decide to work with, the time to go paperless and embrace no-code software that produces digital documents is NOW.

By moving today to a paperless office, companies  and institutions will be ahead of the game with solutions already in place that will allow their organizations to reopen in a safer and responsible way.

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Going Paperless Is the Key to Reopening Safely
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