Building A HIPAA Compliant Health Care Application With Alpha Anywhere Part 1

We present part 1 of building a HIPAA compliant health care application with Alpha Anywhere.
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this is a demonstration of the referral

and account management system or rams

like many applications it begins on a

login screen we will log in a user

and we will take a look at the various

screens that a user may see

after they log in most users will open

to an account list screen

this screen shows a list of accounts

that they are authorized to view

like every screen on this application or

nearly every screen there is a help


they open the help button it'll give

them some description about what is on

the page

and how it can be accessed this


page like most pages is defined by the

user's access group

this limits the users to see only

specific facilities that they are

authorized to see

the screen also has a variety of search

options so they can search for various

accounts if they have some information

about it for example they can search for

closed accounts by clicking on closed

and hitting the search button this will

show a list of accounts

that this user is authorized to see that

are currently closed

we can also clear the search criteria

and show the whole list of accounts

when the list first opens it only shows

12 accounts however this can be changed

to show

up to 100 accounts at any given time

if we select 100 accounts we can see the

list will expand

and show up to 100 accounts based on the

search criteria

we can also search by something called

query by expression

if we open up the query by expression by

clicking on the link

we can do a variety of searches for

example we may

wish to look for accounts that have an

admission date after a certain time

so we can open up a little date picker

in this case we're going to select

february 1st

and we're going to come over here and


all accounts that have an admission date

equal to or greater than february 1st

and as you can see we bring up a list of

accounts we can also search by columns

so for example we can search by

admission date starting with the first

one in february

and we can search in the opposite

direction to show the last one that was


not all users will start with this

screen some will start with various


all the dashboards are available to all


if we look at the dashboards by clicking

this option here we can see there are

two there's one called work queues and


and one which is queries only we'll

start by opening work using queries

which is a common startup page for many

users when it opens there are two lists

the top list is a series of work queues

that are assigned to this particular


work queues will be explained a little

bit later but essentially they are a

list of accounts

that are assigned to a specific user the


list is a list of saved queries a saved

query is slightly different than a work

queue because a saved query can be

assigned to many different users

there are some saved queries that are

actually linked to a work queue

if we look at the work cues up here we

will see there's one called

northwest medical 8l and there is a

saved query of the exact same name

this allows people to look at the same

accounts that are in a user's work

queue without being

being assigned to that particular work


we can also look at the accounts that

are inside either any of these items

by double click clicking on a row the

double click action

in most areas of this particular

application open up a detail type view

so we'll open up a list of accounts with

various information about these accounts

such as the balance again we can click

on the column and we can sort

it shows balances in each one of those


by the largest to the smallest or we can

search on any other column

another dashboard is the work queue or

save query

dashboard only this is typically for

users who do not have a work queue or

they just wish to look at saved queries

this is a list of the saved queries in

the system as well

in the next demonstration we will take a

look at how the queries

and where cues are created and what is

in a work queue in a saved query