Building A HIPAA Compliant Health Care Application With Alpha Anywhere Part 2

We present part 2 of building a HIPAA compliant health care application with Alpha Anywhere.
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this demo will examine the ram's work

queue and saved query system

when they are viewed on the dashboard it

appears they contain the same


in both cases they are created by

applying a filter

to all the accounts that a specific user

can see to create a list of accounts

that fit the filter criteria

a work queue is assigned to a specific


when the accounts within that work queue

are viewed that specific user


is shown on the account as the


in the case of a saved query a saved

query can be assigned to

multiple users those users are not shown

on the account in any way

we will examine the cues and query


to configure work cues and saved queries

depending on the user's security group

they will see an option on the menu for

queues and queries

when this option is opened it opens a

window that shows a setup

work queues and saved queries we will


first at work cues

when we open up work queues this is a

list of work cues

that belong to clients that this

particular user can see

in this particular instance the current

logged in user can only see

records for the northwest medical center


if we look at the work queues we will

see they are listed in a sequence

when work cues are reassigned they are


in sequence order so all accounts that

fit the northwest medical a2l

criteria are assigned first then the


work queue is assigned and so on the

accounts in a specific work queue are

only accounts that that particular


can see

if we double click on a row we can see


selection criteria

for instance this particular work queue

is assigned to a specific user

the selection criteria is a client a

client group and a facility

and patient last name from a to l

this particular work queue has no other

selection criteria

to go back to the list of work queues we

can update the list of work queues at

any time

as accounts are closed they no longer

fit into the

criteria if various conditions in an

account are changed they may not fit

into a work queue

so therefore the work queues have to be

refreshed periodically to do this we

follow the instructions here we select

the client

and we click the search button

this reveals a button at the bottom of

the work queues which is

called update work queue assignments

what this will do is go through the work

queues in sequence order

and start assigning accounts to that

specific work queue

once all the accounts have been assigned

no more will be assigned to any

later work cues

so as we update the work queues we'll

come back with a message

in this particular case it shows that

all active accounts for this client

have been assigned to a work queue

looking at saved queries we find a

similar list

however in this list there are a number

of saved queries

that are shown in gray these particular

saved queries are special queries

they are what are called linked saved


what they will do is show all the

accounts that are in a specific work

queue since a work queue can only be

assigned to a single person

this allows other users to see the same


that were assigned in a specific work


however we're going to examine a

different saved query

for instance we will open this one here

which shows there are currently no

records in this

saved query

if we open it up we can see it has been

assigned to a variety of users

in this case we have one user that this


can see this particular one it has a

series of filters

such as client and client group it has a

product line filter that we can open up

and examine the product line

if we change the selection criteria for

instance change the northwest medical


and we save it we can see what records

will be shown

in this saved query by clicking this

test query button

in this case this selection criteria

still does not find

any selected accounts

we can continue to change various

selection criterias until we return a

list of counts

that meet the filtering that we wish to