Building A HIPAA Compliant Health Care Application With Alpha Anywhere Part 3

We present part 3 of building a HIPAA compliant health care application with Alpha Anywhere.
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this demo will examine the rams account

management system

work queues and save queries will create


of accounts based on filters however the

main account list

shows all accounts that can be viewed by

this user's access rights

if they wish to find a specific user

they can apply a search

in this case we're going to search for

specific user

once we have found the account we wish

to look at we can double click on the

row to open up the account detail

this particular list shows some

information to the account but not all

of the information

if we double click we open up the

account management view

there is a menu on the left that

provides various options to look at

additional information about the account

the main account page includes a summary

of the

information about the account from

account information

patient guarantor status balance


and follow-up all of the data shown on

this page can be edited

on this page for example we may look at

this page and find that the secondary

insurance is incorrect

is so shown as self-pay but it may be

something different

so we can go down into this particular


and type in a different insurance code

and we'll bring up a list of insurance

codes that fit the letters that we have

typed into this field in this case we

have one particular

insurance shown we can select that

and save the record this will change the

secondary insurance information

also on this screen we can switch the

primary into secondary

by clicking on small arrows we can make

the secondary primary

or we can make the primary secondary

this will immediately save this data

into the record

from this particular screen we can also

open up the patient guarantor


this shows detailed information about

the patient and the guarantor

on this particular page as shown on many

other pages

some of the fields will have some

information in it in this case

slightly grayed out this is what is

called a watermark

this shows the user the format of the

data they should

enter into the field if they start

typing into the field

the formatting is all automatically

applied so the user does not have to add

any special formatting and just type in

the data

also most fields have a validation


if you type in information here a phone

number of all fives is invalid

when they save the record it will show

an error

indicating the patient work phone number

is not valid

they can either change this number or

they can cancel the save

and also brings up a message before it's


from this particular area we can open up

additional tabs

for example we can look at the insurance


it opens up on the primary insurance

which is required on all accounts

and it brings up information known about

this particular insurance

or we can look at the secondary

insurance and we'll bring up information

about the secondary insurance

we can add additional information here

various dates

other information about the insurance

the actual insurance used for primary

and secondary

can only be entered on the main account

screen as shown previously

we also can look at what insurance

companies are in the system by clicking

on this button

it brings up a list of all the insurance

companies in the system and we can

search for the various insurance

companies by a variety of criteria

one of the other options is field visits

we can open up a fields visits tab this

shows all the visits that were made for

this particular account

this particular record shows two field

visits were

created if we double click on a row


we can open up the details of this

particular visit

it shows the requested date who it's

assigned to the reason

details and so on also from this screen

a field visit request form can be


this can be printed and taken in hard

copy form

along on the visit to fill in various


that information then can be entered

into the field visit record upon