Building A HIPAA Compliant Health Care Application With Alpha Anywhere Part 6

We present part 6 of building a HIPAA compliant health care application with Alpha Anywhere.
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this demo examines various features of

the rams account management

form the menu on the left

shows a variety of options at this

particular point options down to ub04


have been selected there is also an

option for 1500 forms it is very similar

again it has the options to view a form

print a form or duplicate the form

again we can view the form the form when

viewed like in ub04

appears just like the printed form the

user can fill in information just as

they would

if they were typing into a actual form

some options are optionally hidden or

shown depending on various options


for example if they were to select


benefit program this particular case

some options are not available

if it's clicked yes they can type into

these fields

once all the data has been typed in and

they can save it

once again it can be printed in this

particular case like a ub04 form

it prints without any formatting as it

is intended to be printed on a

pre-printed form

of the proper structure

you can also duplicate the form and

create another form with all the same


it will ask if you wish to include the

line items in the duplicate

if the answer is no it will create a

duplicate with no line items

so additional line items can be filled


another option of the account management

screen is the ability to create letters

and memos

this opens up a list of predefined

letters and memo forms

already in the ram system some are blank

letters that can be filled in some are

already have

content predefined

if we open this up we can see the

predefined body content this can be

edited at this particular point

to change the information for example it


currently the phone number that will be

put in here automatically

is the office phone number however the

user may decide

that they wish to put in their own phone

number their primary phone numbers they

can come over here and they can click on


it will change the value shown here to


and we can put some information here

will fill in the information of the user


instead of the office phone they can

then select to print the letter

again it will create a pdf letter

it fills in the header information

automatically the

addressee automatically various

information and

a signature line are automatically

filled in it has now filled in

the various data that is available to

this in this particular case

this particular user does not have a

phone number one

so nothing is filled in

if they select a blank letter the

guarantor will

have the address information of the

guarantor and they can fill in whatever

content they wish

and print that particular letter

there is also an option for various

users depending on the user security


to delete an account only special users

have the ability to delete an existing


and it brings up a warning to indicate

that all data would be removed from the


and it could not be recovered

another feature the account management

system is the linked accounts

for looking at linked accounts we may

wish to open up one of the other

accounts that is linked to it

by clicking on this particular account

it immediately opens up the account

record for that particular account

with all the relevant information

another feature of

the ram system is the fact that there

may be occasions when

a user is working on a particular record

for instance this particular record here

and they have a need to look for another


in that particular case they can open up

what's called a search window

the search window is exactly the same as

the original account

search screen same list same information

same search capabilities they can look

up a separate account

look at that data without disturbing the

original account shown below

this search can also be hidden and put

up the top of the screen so it does not


with work on the current account which

then can be moved

back in position for work