Building A HIPAA Compliant Health Care App Part 5

We present part 5 of building a HIPAA compliant health care application with Alpha Anywhere.
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this demo looks at various features of

the rams account management system

at this particular point there are a

number of tabs open this allows going


to previous data and examining it very


by simply clicking on the tab that

information is shown immediately to the


one of the other features of the account

management system is the ability to add

an action code manually if we click on

the action code

we can go up here and we can type in a

specific action code

and we will find all action codes as we

start typing

in that fit the code that we have typed

at this point

for instance we may choose to enter this

action code

and enter some comments this particular

action code does not have a follow-up

therefore there's no follow-up

information shown the action code can be

applied to this account

or to this account and all linked


if there are transactions against this

account it can be shown on the

transaction tab

this one has no transactions payments

adjustments applied

if there were additional charges added

to the account after was entered into

the system

it will be shown notice at this point we

have more tabs

across the top that will fit in the

available space so we have a little

arrow here

to go back and forth we can close some

of these tabs

which makes it easier to read

another option is the ability to look at

the action history

these are all the actions that have

taken place against this account

at any given point including the one

that was

just entered for instance it shows the

one that was just entered is listed at

the very top

by clicking on the plus detail can be


about this particular action if there

was a comment entered

the comment would show in this

particular section as well

this will show all the various actions

that have taken place against this


another feature that is available is the

ability to look at a change history

most of the data associated with an

account is logged in a change history

record this shows all the various


what the table was what the field is and

what the new value is

for example here on eligibility we can

double click and get some information

it tells me it was an eligibility tab it

did not have an old value and a new

value was entered who entered it and

when it was changed

one of the advantages of most of the

detail views particularly when they are

based on a list is the ability to scroll


the list by clicking on various icons at

the bottom of the list

so for instance we can go down the list

from here

showing the detail without having to go

back to the list and selecting a record

another feature of the account

management screen is the ability to

create various letters and forms

the first form that would be looked at

is the ub04 form

this opens up a list of all the ub04

forms that have been created for this


again we will close some of these tabs

make it easier to read

we have a variety of options here we can

view the form

we can create a brand new ubo4 we can

duplicate the existing form

or we can print the form if we create a

new ubo for

and view it we will see that is

already filled in with a variety of

information that is available from the


any field in the system that has a value

that should be on this form

is applied to this form at the very top

there's a whole series of buttons

these allow showing various lookup


for the various things for instance

admission source

we can click on that and it brings up a

list of all the various codes that can

be entered in that field

billing type billing frequency

and these will open up a variety of

windows that can be moved around

if necessary and left open if desired

or they can be closed as necessary

data can be filled in here in the bottom

section all the totals here are

calculated automatically

as well as the total shown here at the


once a ub04 is created it can be saved

and then it can be printed this opens up

a pdf copy of the

form in a printable form notice there

are no

background formatting on this particular


it is designed to be printed directly

onto a pre-printed form