Free Software for Developers Building COVID-19 Related Apps 

Build and Deploy Robust and Scale-able Apps Faster with the Top-Rated Low-Code Platform

Free Licenses to Developers Building Qualifying Apps.

In an effort to aid the rapid global response to COVID-19, Alpha Software Corporation is providing complimentary licenses to its award-winning low-code offline-capable mobile and web app development and deployment platform to developers and organizations building qualifying  apps to fight COVID-19.

Examples of qualifying apps:

  • solutions serving new field hospitals, large or makeshift warehouses or food banks
  • solutions enabling deliveries or services to people in quarantine
  • solutions that collect data or conduct polls and contract tracing.

Alpha Software has the industry’s only mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct “no-code” and “low-code” components, allowing both non-technical and technical users to rapidly build and deploy the mobile and web apps they need. All Alpha Software apps are cross-platform and are capable of extensive scaling.

Alpha Software offers a rich patented offline capability that not only allows for data to be collected when mobile apps are offline but also allows data to be looked up and media to be referenced when the app is offline. Finally, full programmatic control is possible over "conflict resolution" when data synchronization takes place..

Alpha Software offers:

  • Alpha Anywhere - the top-rated low code development and deployment  platform for building enterprise grade desktop web and offline-capable mobile applications rapidly. Deployment can be on the Alpha Cloud which has deployment in multiple centers globally or viself hosting 
  • Alpha TransForm - allows users to build offline-capable enterprise mobile data capture apps in hours versus weeks (required by low-code platforms).

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