Creating a Named Connection String for your Alpha Cloud SQL Database

In this video we show how to create a Named Connection string that points to your Alpha Cloud SQL database so that you can use the database in your Alpha Anywhere applications.
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in the previous video we created a

mariah db

database server uh in the cloud

and we also installed the sample

northwind database

so in this video we're going to create a

named connection string that points to

our cloud database so that we can use

this database in

our alpha anywhere applications so we'll

start off

by checking the mariah db database yeah

to indicate that this action that we're

going to perform

is going to be on this mariah tv

database then we'll go over to actions

and we'll say get connection string so

here's our connection string

to that database server but it's not yet

pointing to

the actual database that we created so

we'll go here and say save as named


and then we'll go there and we'll select

the database that we created

and so now when we go ahead and i'm

going to just go here and change this to

cloud and then hit save

so now we're creating a named connection

that is pointing to our

sql cloud database so we'll go ahead

then click ok

hit the close button

and then close this down going into

alpha and we're going to go

try and use that name connection so

we'll go over here

and we'll create a new we'll go to the

web control panel

and we'll create a new ux component

so we'll build we'll take a list control

and then here we'll go and we'll say

it's going to be a sql

list we'll choose our connection string

so there's that connection that we just

created and we'll go and

choose our table so

here are all the tables in that database

that we created so we'll go ahead and

choose the customer table

and now we can go and choose which

fields we want so we'll go ahead and

choose say

those fields and then go to our list


and choose our fields click ok

we'll save this as ux

test and then we'll switch over to

working preview so you can see there's


list control now getting the data from

this cloud sql database

we can also go to the interactive window


interact with this database using

x basic so we'll go here to interactive

window and we'll do

so we'll dim a new connection object

and then we'll go and we'll open our


and we'll choose their cloud variety be

and let's just put a question mark in

front of it to see if the command is


you can see it is successful and it

opens up very quickly

so you'll notice that it opens up very

quickly because we've previously

connected to the database when we ran

the list

and when we ran the list we opened up

the ssh tunnel

so if the ssh tunnel is not currently


then the first time you connect you'll

see this delay but once the ssh tunnel


open the connection is essentially

instantaneous i'm now going to go here

and say cn dot

list tables

and that gives me a list of all the

tables in our cloud sql database

so what we've shown over here is how you

can build a connection string that

points to your cloud sql database

and then you can use that connection in

your alpha anywhere applications

just as if you were working with a local

sql database

thanks very much