Creating Signing Certificates for iOS

In order to build a mobile application for iOS, you need to create a code-signing certificate. You will also need to have an Apple Developer account. Creating this certificate can be tricky, especially if you do not own or have access to a Mac.

In this video, we show how the iOS Certificate Genie in Alpha Anywhere makes it easy to create the necessary certificate to create iOS mobile applications, no Mac required!


when you build IRS applications using

PhoneGap you need to create signing

certificates before you can build their

application in order to create signing

certificates you'll have to have an

Apple Developer account but it can be

quite tricky to create these

certificates unless you use the new

built-in Genie in alpha to help you

build the certificates so let's start

actually I will go over to the PhoneGap

builder here and we'll click on the new

iOS certificates Genie hyperlink which

opens up the genie so here we can fill

in the folder which is the mr. folder on

the machine that we're working on in

other words out of elephant machine

where the certificates are going to be

stored this is the ID for our apple

developer account and this is the

password that we want to define for the

p12 file that we're going to be creating

so let's fill in these values and then

click the next button to move on to the

next screen so now that we've filled in

those initial parameters we move on to

step two over here and in this step

we're going to create a certificate

signing request file so we'll go ahead

there and press this button and that's

going to create a certificate signing

request file which we're going to then

use on our Apple Developer account to

create a certificate so we'll go next

and you can see yeah that the next step

is we login to our Apple Developer

account so here we are on our Apple

Developer account over here and then we

go to the certificates section so we'll

go back here and go over to certificates

where we're going to basically go ahead

now and create a new certificate so

you're only allowed to have a certain

number of certificates so I'm going to

go to this certificate over here and

actually revoke it so I'll go there and

revoke that certificate and now I'm

gonna go here and create a new


this is going to be a certificate for

iOS app two there

so I'll just say continue and now I can

go and upload the certificate signing

request file that I created in step one

so there we are and I'll go there and

select that file and hit continue and

now the certificate has been created so

I'm going to go ahead now and download

that file and then I'm going to take

that file the downloaded file copy it to

the clipboard and then go back here and

put the file in my certificates folder

so I'll go there and paste so now we

have this file in our certificate folder

so now that moving on to the next step

the next step is to create a

provisioning profile so the provisioning

profile defines what devices the app

that you're building can be loaded on

and a bunch of other stuff that Apple

requires so we'll go back to our apple

developer account and will create a

provisioning profile so we're back at

our apple developer account and we're

going to go back now to profiles and you

can see we have a bunch of existing

profiles yes it will just go ahead yeah

and add a new profile for iOS app

development and then we'll choose an app

ID so we're going to go ahead and choose

a wild card ID if you don't have any

existing IDs to apply these to choose

from you'll need to go to the

identifiers section to create your app

ID so I'll go there and hit continue

then I can specify which certificates I

want to use so I'll just go and say use

all and then I can go here and choose

which devices we want to basically

install this iOS app on so I'll go here

and say select all if you don't see the

device that you want a provision you can

go back to

I believe it's if we go back to their

was it they discard two devices and we

can basically provision more devices so

we'll just go back yeah and go okay so

iOS development continue choose my app

ID continue choose my certificates

continue choose my devices continue and

then give this a name so I'll just call

it X 200 and then go ahead and generate

and then download so now we have this

new file called

X 200 mobile provision so we're gonna

copy that into our certificates follow

this all just copy that to the clipboard

go back to my Jeannie open the

certificates folder and then just paste

that in so go ahead now and move on to

the next step so this is gonna be step 5

so this is where we actually create the

p12 file so I'll go ahead now and press

this button so it tells me the p12 file

was created and now press next so we're

done now

so at this point now I've got a mobile

provisioning profile and I've also got a

p12 file and I can now go over to say

the phone get build site and upload

those files or if I was building our in

Xcode I could install those files in my

Xcode environment so I'll go ahead yank

press finish and then say yes and then

here are the files that I'm going to

need to upload to say for either phone

their build or into Xcode thanks very

much for watching