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Alpha TransForm Delivers an End-to-End Solution That Can Be Built by Business Users

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July 13, 2021, Burlington, Mass. – Alpha Software Corporation today announced Alpha TransForm Analytics, a new data visualization UI that adds powerful data visualization capabilities to the Alpha TransForm mobile forms builder. The combined solution offers a powerful mobile app builder and sophisticated data analysis tool in a single platform, built to be used by business users who want to speed digital insights, but don’t have coding knowledge.

Alpha TransForm makes it easy, fast and affordable for companies that rely on paper forms to take their processes digital,” said Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha Software. “The Alpha TransForm forms builder and Alpha TransForm Analytics dashboards allow business users to build their own mobile business apps easily and deliver powerful data visualizations to streamline processes and gain faster data insights across the business.”

Collect, Analyze, Act

Digital transformation requires companies to mobilize thousands of business processes and turn paper forms into mobile data collection apps. The Alpha TransForm mobile forms builder allows business users to craft a paper form into a mobile app in hours if not minutes. The forms utilize the latest smartphone features, including GPS, bar code scanning and image capture with markup, to speed data collection in the field. Managers can also get alerts as new forms are completed.

All Alpha TransForm mobile forms apps are cross-platform, leverage the latest mobile features, and have extensive built-in security. The apps can also work with or without a WIFI or cell connection, including the ability to access large documents, diagrams, manuals and videos, or lookup database information when offline. Learn more about digitizing paper forms and analyzing your data with Alpha TransForm and Alpha TransForm Analytics at:

Alpha TransForm Analytics offers analytics and dashboard features that let managers easily make sense of the information collected, allowing them to make better decisions, faster. Plus, users can have their own custom dashboards and share dashboards with other people in their organization. Dashboard views can also be exported as PDFs to create official records.

And with Alpha Anywhere workflow capabilities, administrators can improve efficiencies by automating previously manual tasks, like sending emails and SMS messages, generating and sending reports, and dispatching forms or job tickets to other workers.

Users that want to take the product further can use the product’s robust API to communicate with other systems. The product also includes TPL, a simple, but powerful scripting language that allows your mobile forms to access on board databases, launch navigation apps, call out to APIs and more. Developers can also use TPL to create completely customized data visualizations.

Learn more about how you can gain efficiencies by digitizing paper forms, accessing up-to-date data, and getting better results, faster at:

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Alpha Software Corporation, based in Massachusetts, produces award-winning software that speeds offline-capable, mobile and web app development and deployment for business and IT. The core technology includes Alpha Anywhere®, a front-end and back-end, low-code platform for web and specialized mobile development and deployment, and Alpha TransForm®, which turns complex paper forms and business processes into scalable, offline-capable mobile apps in just a few hours. For more information, visit

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