Paginated Queries

When you use a GetMany query, you can do paginated queries.
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in a previous video we showed how you

can have a graph QL query returned

multiple records and we showed how we

can use the get many customers query to

return all of the records where the

country was USA and if we look at our

result over here we see that basically

we've returned quite a few records so

let's say that we only would like to see

the first five records so I'll go here

and I'll say fetch sorry first and then

I'll type in say five and then we'll go

ahead and execute that and just to make

it a little bit easier to read I'm going

to remove the orders query so if I run

it now we can see here are our first

five customers customer one two three

four five and now we want to go we might

want to go and fetch say the next page

of records but before we try to do that

we'd like to know is there in fact

another page of records so we can do

that by returning additional information

from this query so right now we've

returned records which specifies which

fields we'd like to return but there's

also another object called page info

that we can use and this has a property

called has next page so we'll go ahead

there and run this and we can see now

that the first five records are returned

but there is a additional property that

says has next page but we also need to

specify that we'd like to get one

additional property out of the query

called a cursor so we'll go ahead there

and run that and now we can see that

each record has a cursor and now now

that we have this cursor we can use that

to specify the starting point of our

next query so let's go ahead now and use

this cursor value which is the cursor

value for this record Loa and EP so I'm

going to go here and say that I would

like to start my query so I'm gonna go

this Orion type in

occur and if I execute this I should get

the next five records starting with L o

ne P so go there and you can see there's

ello any P which is the first record and

here all the curse of values and we

still have another new page but we don't

want to basically CL o ne PS the first

record because that was the last record

on the previous page so we'll go here

and we'll say skip one skip color on one

and then we'll go ahead and run this


made a mistake there fix that so you can

see now we've skipped over that l o and

EP on the second page and we still have

another page of records so we'll go

there now and we'll type our cursor

value in and we'll run this now and you

can see now we basically get in the or

we're on the third page now and we only

have three records on this page and

there is the has next page property is

set to false so what we've shown now is

how you can use the get many queries to

return data to return multiple records

from a table and how you can paginate

the results