Alpha Global Partner Programs

Alpha Partners

Alpha Software has a global network of Solution Providers and Technology Partners who utilize Alpha Software Technology to build and deploy a diverse range of mobile and web solutions.

Technology Partners

If you're a System Integrator, IT Consultant, or Professional Development Services firm interested in building and deploying solutions utilizing the Alpha Platform, the Alpha “Solution Provider Partner” program is for you.

Solution Provider Partners

If you’re a SaaS platform provider, Infrastructure Technology Provider, or a Development Services firm interested in integrating with or incorporating Alpha products or technology into solutions you or your customers are building, the Alpha “Technology Partner” program is for you.

Why Partner with Alpha?

Partnering with Alpha Software offers Organizations a Range of Benefits:
    • Alpha Software invests in our partners with extensive training and support
    • Selective enrollment in the program for only the most qualified partners.
    • Access to new business. Alpha Software directs end user services requests to our partner community to help our customers be successful.
    • Innovative and differentiated technology allows you to better compete on projects.
    • Proven faster deployment means you can improve your services margins and exceed your delivery dates.
    • Special recognition at our annual partner conference
Solution Provider Partner Program

The Alpha “Solution Provider Partner” program provides IT Consultants, Systems Integrators, and Software Development companies all the access and insight needed to successfully build and deploy custom mobile and web solutions utilizing the Alpha platform.

Alpha Solution Partners are able to:

  • Develop solutions in a fraction of the time it takes to hand-code
  • Quickly deliver business value and win projects from existing and new customers
  • Generate high margin development service revenues
  • Participate in recurring license revenue opportunities

The Alpha Solution Partners program includes:

  • Sales tools and technical training
  • Marketing support
  • Access to technical resources & documentation
  • Special Partner incentives and discounts

Technology Partner Program

The Alpha “Technology Partner” program enables Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s), SaaS vendors, and other technology providers who own a solution or want to build one, to seamlessly integrate with the Alpha platform or to interoperate with applications running on the Alpha platform

Alpha Technology Partners are able to:

  • Quickly build SaaS solutions to capture market opportunities.
  • Fulfill customer demand for customizable Mobile Apps that work with existing SaaS applications
  • Extend the utility of existing web solutions through API level integrations including Customized Portals; Dashboards; and Workflows

The Alpha Technology Partners program includes:

  • Solution Architecture consulting
  • Marketing support
  • Technical training, support, and documentation
  • Special OEM & White Label licensing terms

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Alpha’s network of IT Consultants, Systems Integrators, and Software Development companies are available to assist enterprises, institutions, and government agencies to successfully build and deploy custom mobile and web solutions utilizing the Alpha platform. Please provide the info below and we will connect you with the right Partner.