Setting Up a Cloud SQL Database

Alpha Software provides a free cloud SQL database for use during development.

In this video we show how to set up a MariaDB cloud SQL database server and how to install the sample Northwind database.
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in this video we'll show how you can set

up your free

sql cloud database for use

with alpha anywhere so in order to

create a

sql cloud database you must have an

alpha cloud

subscription so if

and then select subscription test

databases and if you've not yet logged

into your alpha cloud account you'll get

your login dialog over here so let's

just go ahead

and log in and this is then going to

open up the

manage subscription uh database where we


manage all of the uh cloud sql databases

so uh initially we don't have any

databases and we can go ahead here now

and we can create

uh mariahdb sql server or postgres

cloud databases so i'm going to just go

ahead here and click actions

and then i'm going to go here and choose

create server

and i can choose what type of database

server i'd like to create so i'm going

to start out by creating say mariahdb

and then click create and now alpha will


a cloud mariah db

instance for me so the instance has

been created but we actually need to

wait a couple of seconds

before we do anything else to actually

let the instance finish

creating once the instance has finished

being created we can go here now and

perform additional actions on the server

so the first thing we'd like to do

is actually create a sample database

so we can work with this mariah db

instance so i'm going to go there

check the box over there to indicate

that i'm going to be applying an

action to this database server there

go ahead and click the

actions button and this time i'm going

to say install

sample database so i'll go there and

click ok

and this is going to go ahead now and

create a

instance of the demo northwind database

for me

so i don't have any existing databases

i'll just go here and just type in say


and then say install sample data

and go ahead then click ok

and after a short while the database

will be created

and now i can go ahead and use this


from within alpha so in the next video

we'll show how you can create a

connection string to point to your cloud

sql database

and how you can then use this database

in your applications