TCO Study: Moving to Alpha Cloud

Total Cost of Ownership Study Shows How Companies Stopped Burning Money
When They Moved to Alpha Cloud Hosting

Stop Wasting Your Money -- This TCO Study Will Show You How a Move to Alpha Cloud
Could Save Significant Costs.

Last summer we launched Alpha Cloud hosting. Since it's successful launch and wide customer adoption, we've collected a significant amount of Alpha Cloud customer usage data, including performance metrics and cost analysis. We've learned that in addition to outstanding scalability, performance and security, customers also report dramatic cost savings. We've compiled this data in a detailed report to showcase the dramatic impact of Alpha Cloud hosting.

Complete the form to the right to download the detailed Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis across two common enterprise scenarios that illustrate why Alpha Cloud is a smart choice. 

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  • The analysis offers two scenarios: an enterprise mobile app used by 75 users and an enterprise mobile app used by 500 users.
  • Alpha Cloud benefits include increased speed of development performance, reliability and flexibility.
  • Alpha Cloud offers dramatic savings on staffing costs.
  • Alpha Cloud costs are up to 89% lower than traditional hosting methods..

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