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Robust Offline - Without Added Cost and Time

Mobile business applications aren't truly mobile if they can't work offline, and, until now, organizations were faced with a tripling of time and cost when adding offline functionality to a business app (Wired Magazine, June 2014).

Alpha Anywhere has transformed business application development so that developers can add robust disconnected operation into business apps with virtually no incremental effort or cost.

Alpha Anywhere features extensive, built-in, and customizable capabilities for building offline-capable mobile and web business apps in what Forrester Research calls a "robust solution for HTML5 implementations." A robust solution is one that integrates fully with transactional back-end systems of records, with intelligent conflict resolution versus simplistic "last-write wins".

New, interwoven offline capabilities in Alpha Anywhere include:

  • Fine-grained control of write conflicts, beyond a simple "last-in" wins approach
  • Data persistence when the business app is closed or the battery dies, including data not saved to the server
  • Built-in support for converting SQL data into hierarchical JSON data sets - e.g. customers, their orders, and the order details;
  • Store and display transaction details, including changes, errors, and updates
  • Synchronize stored transactions back to the server
  • Incrementally download updated data to the client from the server
  • Granular control over multi-transaction synchronization to better deal with long synchronization operations
  • Automatic creation of a manifest file to make use of the browser's appCache mechanism for persisting web apps HTML, CSS, etc.
  • 'Offline capable' applications with no additional development time

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What Else Is New In Alpha Anywhere 3.0?

Build Offline / Disconnected Applications

With Alpha Anywhere, you can now build applications that continue to work even when users are offline (i.e. you do not have an internet connection).

While offline, you can continue editing the existing records in an application, enter new records, and mark records as deleted. When a connection becomes available, simply click/tap on a 'synchronize' button and the edits that you made while disconnected are pushed to the server and the server database is updated.

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New Video Finder

There is no shortage of videos that have been recorded to demonstrate and explain the various features available in Alpha Anywhere. The new Video Finder application (accessed from the Help menu) allows you to quickly and easily search for videos and find help on virtually every feature in Alpha Anywhere.

In Alpha Anywhere 3.0, the Video Finder application has been completely rewritten to make finding videos even easier and faster.

Plus, it has been implemented as a UX component with two List controls - one for the list of categories, and one to list the videos in each category.

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MongoDB And Other NoSQL Database Support

NoSQL document databases are becoming popular for certain types of applications. A new MongoDB class has been added to Xbasic to make it easy to query, update and manage a MongoDB database from Xbasic. Support for other NoSQL document databases, such as Couch, will also be added soon.

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Security Framework - Social Login With Google, Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn

You can now allow users to log into an Alpha Anywhere application using a 'social network' login.

The social network logins are referred to as 'alternative logins' because they provide an alternative way for a user to log into their account in the Alpha Anywhere security system using their social network credentials, rather than the userid/password associated with their account in the Alpha Anywhere security system.

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Security Framework - Active Directory

The Security Framework for Web Applications now supports Active Directory. That means you can authenticate a user using an Active Directory server.

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Client-side Templating

Client-side templating allows you to generate HTML for display by merging a data object into a template. The client-side template library in Alpha Anywhere is extremely powerful and can be compared with similar functionality in 3rd party templating libraries, such as Mustache.js and Handlebars.js.

In the video below we show how a complex template can be designed to display data (a list of Orders with OrderItems for each order) in a richly formatted display. The video shows how the templating system can compute values, including summary values.

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Calling SOAP Web Services From Xbasic

Alpha Anywhere 3.0 introduces support for calling SOAP Web Servies from Xbasic. In the release notes, we have documented three real world examples of how this is done: WorldPay (a credit card processing company), Kareo (a medical billing software company) and Norman G Jensen, Inc (a provider of freight brokerage services).

Read more in the Release Notes

Displaying Data From Twitter

The Twitter API returns data in JSON format. The List control on a UX component is easily populated with JSON data. The Twitter API, however, is a little tricky to work with because it requires an OAuth authorization before you can call the API functions. Xbasic contains two built-in functions that simplify this.

In the video example below, we show how you can easily build a List control that displays Tweets that are retrieved by making a REST API call to Twitter.

In the example we use built-in Xbasic functions to get a 'bearer token' from Twitter. Once we have this token, we can make calls to the Twitter API to get data in a JSON format that is used to populate the List control.

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Apperian Integration

In Alpha Anywhere 3.0 we’ve added the ability to publish PhoneGap apps directly to Apperian for enterprise app management. For more info on Apperian see

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PhoneGap Document Handler Plugin - Displaying .PDF, .XLSX, .DOCX Files

(Learn more about Alpha Anywhere's seamless PhoneGap integration released in version 2.0)

Unlike desktop browsers, the browsers on mobile devices typically do not have built-in handlers for displaying .pdf, .xlsx, .docx and certain other types of files.

If your mobile application is wrapped using PhoneGap you can easily use the built-in native document viewer on both Android and iOS devices.

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PhoneGap - Using Native Transitions

(Learn more about Alpha Anywhere's seamless PhoneGap integration released in version 2.0)

If you wrap a UX component in a PhoneGap shell you can now use native transitions to animate certain Panel Cards in your app into view. This feature relies on the Native Transitions PhoneGap plugin (iOS only).

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CURL is a popular utility that can be used for many tasks, such as making REST API calls. CRUL is now exposed as a top level Xbasic object, allowing you to execute CRUL commands from your Xbasic code.

Many APIs are documented using CURL examples.

You can use a built-in genie to convert a CURL command into an Xbasic script.

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Sending E-mail From The Client Using Mandrill

Alpha Anywhere has well documented methods for sending email from a web component. These method are all server-side method. An Ajax callback is made to the server and the e-mail is sent from the server. However, it is possible to send an e-mail directly from the client without involving the Alpha Anywhere server at all using the Mandrill Mail service.

Read more in the Release Notes

Executing Shell Commands Directly From The Interactive Window

You can now execute shell commands directly from the Interactive Window. You no longer have to open a separate CMD window to execute shell commands. This can be a very useful time saver for developers.

For example, when building an application that uses REST APIs, it is common for the API documentation to show how you can use CURL to execute the REST command. Using the Interactive Shell, CURL commands can be executed directly from the Interactive Window.

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Submitting All Of The Data In A List Control On An Ajax Callback

When an Ajax callback is made, the data in the variables on the UX are submitted, but the data in List controls are not submitted. There may be situations where you want to submit all of the data that are currently in a List control to the server.

In this video we show how you can 'harvest' the data that is in a List control and then submit that data to the server when you make an Ajax callback.

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Populating Data using JavaScript

The data in a tree control on a UX component can easily be set using JavaScript. In this video we show how to repopulate the entire tree, or dynamically add a node to an existing tree.

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More Features, Video Tutorials and Documentation

Please note that this page is just a sampling of the over 70 new features that are part of Alpha Anywhere 3.0. To see the full list, along with screenshots, video tutorials and extensive documentation check out the Alpha Anywhere 3.0 Release Notes.

A Record of Innovation

At Alpha Software, we're constantly innovating. When you become an Alpha Anywhere customer you are assured a stream of new releases and updates giving you access to the latest and greatest capabilities that we have to offer. Check out some of the many new features that have been introduced with each previous update to Alpha Anywhere. See all new features.

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