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Alpha Anywhere Certification helps you gain a better understanding of deeper Alpha Anywhere capabilities, while mastering the development of modern business applications.

Certification is accomplished through (4) 2-hour courses.  Each course -  targeted to enterprise developers or independent consultants - culminates in an online exam to test your proficiency at the new concepts you've learned. Successful completion of all (4) courses and (4) exams results in official "Alpha Anywhere Certification" from Alpha Software. You'll be able to display the "Alpha Anywhere Certified" badge on your LinkedIn profile, resume or website.

4-Part Certification includes:

Alpha Anywhere Certification 4-course program (including exams) are available for a total cost of $1,999.

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Course 1: Web Services

Presented by: Dion McCormick. Lead Solutions Engineer, Alpha Software Corporation

Web services are key for almost all modern applications, and with this deep dive course, you’ll master what you need for modern business applications. The course, targeted to enterprise developers or independent consultants, includes an online exam, to help reinforce what you have learned. Upon passing the exam, you will receive an official certificate from Alpha Software acknowledging your completion of this course and certification in this area of Alpha Anywhere.

Training will emphasize the array of built-in Alpha Anywhere tools, including the CURL Genie that can automatically write server-side code, based on CURL commands.are composed of a complex system of databases, servers, and devices. Creating applications the traditional way is time consuming and requires developers with many different skill sets. This makes serving the full needs of a modern business very expensive. Discover how Alpha Anywhere lets you use one tool to develop all parts of an application quickly without the need to write native code.
Available OnDemand

Course 2: Microsoft IIS

Presented by: Dion McCormick. Lead Solutions Engineer, Alpha Software Corporation

The Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS can greatly speed throughput, facilitates scaling, and can reduce the hardware required to deploy your applications. And those are just some of the benefits. But, getting the Application Server set up for the first time can sometimes be tricky of you are new. In this deep dive, you are taken through the process from start to finish - so you can deploy an Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS yourself on hardware either on premises or off.
Live: Wednesdsay, August 23rd at 1PM - 3PM EDT (available OnDemand post-event)

Course 3: Deploying on the Cloud

Presented by: Dion McCormick. Lead Solutions Engineer, Alpha Software Corporation

The Alpha Cloud is transitioning out of Beta and into production. With it, you can quickly deploy applications and computing resources faster than ever before, and you can take advantage of the elasticicty that cloud services offer - so you can scale up and scale down quickly as needs require. In this deep drive, you will see what you need to set up an account, create deployments, and launch your applications to the cloud. We'll also cover how the Alpha Anywhere Security Framework operates in a cloud environment. 
Live: Wednesdsay, September 20th at 1PM - 3PM EDT (available OnDemand post-event)

Course 4: Alpha Launch

Presented by: Dion McCormick. Lead Solutions Engineer, Alpha Software Corporation

When it is times to deploy applications directly to mobile devices - Alpha Launch has many advantages over publishing to the official app stores, like iTunes and Google Play. Perhaps the biggest of these advantages is the ability to instantly publish applications and application updates without waiting (days and sometimes longer) for approval. Plus you can have control over who sees your applications and who is allowed to install and run them. In this course, you'll see how it all works. 
Live: Wednesdsay, November 15th at 1PM - 3PM EDT (available OnDemand post-event)



Q: Are these online course presented live or are they on demand? 

A: The first course will be held live, then it will be available ondemand in your course library.

Q: What requirements do I need to have? 

A: Familiarity with Alpha Anywhere is desirable, but not necessary.

Q: What if I have multiple Alpha Anywhere licenses and some are expired? 

A: If you have multiple licenses, with some are expired, then you must do the following to qualify for the Certification Program:
           1) Renew your expired licenses or give us the approval to deactive them.

           2) Submit your email in the registration box then click submit

Q: If multiple people from my organization want to attend, what are my options? 

A: Quantity discounts for multiple attendees are available, please contact us for further details.


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