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Now anyone can build & and deploy secure, scale-able enterprise smartphone data-capture apps
with complex data structures that work offline & include rich-media, in minutes  vs weeks

Another Industry First...Alpha TransForm
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Alpha TransForm is the ONLY platform that enables non-programmers
and  professional developers to build and deploy enterprise-grade mobile data capture apps with a wide range of complexity 
easily and in 20-30 minutes.  

Building these apps used to take 1-2 months with "low code" mobile development products.

Now with Alpha TransForm, the time taken is cut by over 100X


Alpha TransForm is the first solution on the market to:

  • enable line-of-business employees to build & deploy enterprise-grade mobile data-capture and dispatch apps themselves (no coding needed)
  • let developers build these apps and leverage its API to integrate with systems of record

By submitting the form to the right, you can try the Alpha TransForm capability free for 10 days to see the dramatic difference it can make at your organization. 


Building enterprise mobile apps on time, with available staff and within budget, is challenging -- unless you try a new approach.


“Blazingly Fast” – President, Patient Innovations   

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Alpha TransForm Serves 2 Critical Groups:

Line of Business People (“Citizen Developers")

Professional Developers

Non-programmers can build & deploy enterprise-grade
mobile data-capture and dispatch apps themselves
without having to wait for IT. No-code development capabilities allow business users to mobilize key business processes.

Developers gain a massive productivity boost by using TransForm  to dramatically speed the development & deployment of the mobile data-capture and dispatch requirements in their apps.  The robust TransForm
API allows developers to integrate the JSON data that is at the heart of TransForm with back end systems, SQL and NoSQL databases.

TransForm democratizes the development & deployment of mobile enterprise apps.


“A Game Changer” – President, Start Software   

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TransForm apps are secure, scalable, and optimized for speed and accuracy of data-capture.

Power Your Industry...

Factories · Warehouses · Clinics · Construction sites · Local Govt. · Farms · Hospitals · Home Care · Retail · Hotels · Restaurants · Mines · Utilities
Emergency services · Military · Political & Market Research

....With Critical Mobile Apps

Disaster Relief · Equipment inspection · Field Service Delivery · Field Service Repair · Inventory Management · Legal Compliance · Maintenance and repair · Market & Opinion Research · Oil & Gas Exploration · Order Entry · Patient Monitoring · Quality Control · Retail Data Collection · Safety

What Makes Alpha TransForm Unique

The JSON data that TransForm operates with can also seamlessly interface with any corporate applications through extensive REST APIs. TransForm also offers specialized data entry controls to speed data-capture and optimize the screen for the user. 

 Rich media capture of photos and audio
✓ GPS and geolocation capture
✓ Signature capture
✓ Support for thousands of fields
✓ Supports complex multi-table data structures
✓ Mobile optimized custom controls & keyboards to 
    to make data entry faster & more accurate
✓ Deploys and distributes new apps and updates in seconds
✓ Works offline with data synchronization
✓ JSON support and a sophisticated API that integrates with any system of record
✓ Back office interface for managing users and data
✓ On-prem, off-prem and Alpha Cloud hosting
✓ Fully encrypted data
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