Non-Conformance Reporting App with Image Capture, Offline Operation and Signatures

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Manufacturing and construction companies often use Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) to identify products, parts, or work jobs that have defects or do not conform to required specifications. NCRs are critical to maintaining high quality of workmanship, safety standards and vendor reliability. 

Use this high performance mobile app to capture detailed observations with time and date stamps, photos with annotation, speech-to-text, digital signatures and more. Tie this app into your systems of record to immediately initiate corrective actions or process changes. 

Identify and Resolve In-House and Vendor Issues

This Non-Conformance Reporting App template is a working mobile app you can customize for use at your own organization. You could easily adapt the form to capture vendor name, source code, barcodes, disposition, and man-hours for rework (for billing purposes) for your vendors, worksite or production floor 

Non-Conformance Reporting Data Collection and Checklist Features

This pre-built app speeds the collection of data, including inspector notes, photos, measurements, and more:

  • Offline image capture with annotation
  • Offline data capture of data in remote locations, and sync when back online
  • Optimized interface for tablets and smart phones
  • Voice to text for notes capture
  • Signature capture
  • Easy to customize - add your own fields to match your NCR process

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