Adventures in Alpha Land: Dan Bricklin Rejects Adam Green's Original Demo Plan

Mobile app development podcast The fourth episode of Adventures in Alpha Land is now available for your listening pleasure. This episode is a continuation of the discussion started in episode 2, in which we planned out a new set of demos for Alpha Anywhere. Dan Bricklin has had a chance to experiment with some of these ideas, and has come to the conclusion that Adam Green's idea of not using a database in the first demo is a mistake. A lively debate follows. Tune in to see who wins. We started this podcast series with the goal of making the development process at Alpha Software more transparent. This episode lives up to that ideal.
Adam Green is an independent web developer, who is acting as a consultant to Alpha Software on several projects.
New In Alpha Anywhere - Nov. 30th. JavaScript Editor Enhancements, Xbasic Function Library, Xbasic Modules.
Alpha Software and Apperian Announce Integration

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