Time for enterprises to start thinking about developing for Apple Watches

Apple Watch in the Enterprise

Think that the Apple Watch isn't much more than a toy for Dick Tracy wannabes? Think again. There are signs that it could end up becoming big in the enterprise. And so the sooner you think about developing for Apple Watch in the enterprise, the better.

It's hard to remember now, but once upon a time, there were people who said that iPhones and iPads would never become important in the enterprise. But they transformed the way that businesses thought of mobile, and helped launch the BYOD revolution. The iWatch could easily follow suit.

The Apple Watch sold out within hours of being offered for sale, so there's clearly big demand for it. Apple isn't giving out numbers, though so it's tough to know exactly how many sold. On the low end, Slice Intelligence says that 957,000 people ordered it, with an average of 1.3 Apple Watches ordered by each person. Forbes says that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo puts the estimate much higher, and says that there will be 2.3 orders by the end of May. And back in November, Morgan Stanley said that it expected up to 30 million Apple Watchs to be sold 2015. Reuters reports that Apple plans to build "well over 20 million watches" in 2015. It also says that analysts estimate that between 2.3 million and 5 million of the watches will be sold between April and June.

You can be sure that those millions of people won't stop using their Apple Watches when they walk into work -- they'll want their watches to help them work better.

 Apple Watch in the Enterprise

Companies are already lining up to integrate Apple Watches into the enterprise. The most notable one so far is the mobile enterprise mobility management company Good Technology. The company recently released an enterprise mobility management app for Apple Watch called Good Mobile Device Management.

Forrester recently released a report, "The Enterprise Wearables Journey," which found that 51% of technology and business leaders surveyed "identify wearables as a critical, high, or moderate priority for their organization." Given that when it comes to mobile, leaders are behind the curve compared to users, wearables will turn out to be even more important than that.

The upshot? It's time to start thinking about developing for the Apple Watch.

Want to start developing for Apple Watch using your JavaScript skills? Check out Apple WatchBench from Alpha Software.
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