We Take Pride in Our Commitment to Software Engineering. So it was with Great Humility that I Read this Article on the Engineering Feat of a Dog’s Nose


We have in the past blogged about our “Director of Sniff Testing” – Clifton, my Irish Setter.

For those who know me, it is abundantly clear that I have a love for and a fascination with dogs (and other animals.)

So as a trained engineer who is proud of the innovation and software engineering we do at Alpha, I was both enthralled and humbled when I came across this wonderful PBS NOVA program on Dogs that describes the engineering genius behind the design of the dog’s sense of smell. It serves as a great reminder of the wonder of nature and the magic and brilliance of the engineering systems that exist in our natural world.

I hope you enjoy the link and the program as much as I did and if you have any stories about your dog’s sense of smell, email me at richard@alphasoftware.com