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Learn mobile app developmentAlpha Software customers become proficient at Mobile App Development fast with the Alpha SwiftSuccess program.

Right now, low-code vendors everywhere are boasting about how fast they can build mobile apps for you. Last week I saw an email from a vendor that had built and deployed a sales app for a major company in 15 weeks, another boasted a patient care app in 10 weeks. The stories sound great, but these stories don’t say a word about how these vendors are helping customers become proficient at building mobile apps.

The truth is – once you evaluate these platforms or speak to real developers who use them, it takes many months or up to a year to become proficient at these platforms.  For large companies with lots of resources and money that may be fine, but our customers are looking for major results and ROI FAST.

Alpha Software is radically different – our focus is getting YOU proficient at mobile app development - FAST. We want you successfully building your own faster than with any other platform on the market. And we promise to do that – in 16 weeks.

Gain Mobile Development Self-Sufficiency Via Our Hands-On Methodology: Alpha SwiftSuccess 

Alpha SwiftSuccess makes you or your team completely proficient at Mobile App Development in only 16 weeks. The program combines the right mix of technology, services and training – based on your company’s unique situation —  to help you realize fast ROI and proficiency for your app development team.

For up to 16-weeks, our mentors, instructors and support team work with you to ensure your success. At the conclusion, you will have a high-value pilot application developed by Alpha experts, reusable assets and a development team who have completed their own first application under the guidance of our mentors. Fast-track your mobile app development proficiency and time to first app success. 

The Alpha SwiftSuccess program includes:

  • Alpha Anywhere Licenses
  • Definition
  • Training & Mentoring
  • Development
  • End-to-end deployment
  • Fast ROI

Alpha SwiftSuccess offers the fastest path to mobile app development proficiency on the market today.


Alpha Software Customers Become Proficient at Mobile App Development

Here’s what customers have to say:

“Alpha helped me make the leap to developing in the web environment. I would highly endorse the Alpha program to anyone wanting to fast-track their application.”
- Ben Miller, CPA, Director of Firm Accounting/CFO, Hawkins Ash CPAs


“The mentoring provided by Alpha is excellent. It’s not only about getting to know the platform better, but about getting real things done in the best and fastest way.”
- Luan Juapi, Global IT & GIS Desk Officer, The Halo Trust

If you’ve been analyzing which low-code or RMAD platform can get you proficient at mobile app development – look no further. Read the full details on the Alpha SwiftSuccess Program.

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Amy Groden-Morrison

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