Computerworld -- "The hottest trend in mobile: going offline!" Read about how Alpha Anywhere addresses this elegantly.

In the most recent issue of  ComputerWorld we came across this opinion article with the following headline and subhead.

"The hottest trend in mobile: going offline"

"Suddenly, the industry woke up to the reality that we can't always get connected to the Internet"

(the article is shown here This is exactly what we have been talking about at Alpha for some time now. --  i.e Mobile apps have to be able to continue to work whether you have signal or not. This opinion piece is absolutely on target in our opinion and is supported by what we are hearing loud and clear from customers and seeing in surveys such as this one below.

Solving the Offline/Disconnected Problem

Because Alpha Anywhere controls both the front- and back-end, it’s able to take an innovative approach to solving this problem (which is inherently a front- and back-end requirement) in a way that makes it extraordinarily simple to build applications that continue working without signal.
As a result, Alpha Anywhere will soon let you  solve the offline/disconnected challenge with an ease that no other platform or solution can—without adding massive complexity, time, and expense. Read what an enterprise developer had to say about Alpha Anywhere's upcoming solution to building offline mobile apps for business. Key Benefits of Alpha's Offline Solution
Elegant and intuitive UI. Easily sync your server database with local changes made while disconnected.
Deals with disconnected at the application level versus the database level. No need to inject a new database into your applications architecture.
No need for a separate sync server.
Cross-platform. Develop one codebase for every device.
The syncing provides for optional programmatic conflict resolution.
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