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Alpha Anywhere V4 has significant new performance improvements and more than 100 new features in the areas of data access and integration, offline storage and synchronization, improvements to the server including the introduction of the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS, as well as improvements in PhoneGap Build integration, and most significantly marks the introduction of our mobile optimized forms technology.

This page covers the new high-level features in Alpha Anywhere V4. For more complete details and documentation, please refer to the release notes.

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Although there are many web and mobile RAD tools out there, they can be very expensive and, the easier companies try to make them to use, the less flexible and powerful they tend to be. We want a tool that is not only fast and easy, but has no limits.  An excellent reason to choose and stay with Alpha Anywhere."

— Tim Bochard, Vice President of Information Technology, Glacier Water

You and your team have done a nice job! Can't wait to get the app fully independent of the server and running in disconnected mode. The execution feels much faster with the new version.

— Scott Lines, Owner, Web App Express


Mobile Optimized Forms

The most significant improvements that were made in Alpha Anywhere V4 are the incorporation of new features for building mobile optimized forms. This includes the introduction of several new controls – including the Form View Control, which allows you to create very powerful and flexible mobile interfaces that include digital ink and image annotation. There is also a new audio control, and the ability to create custom controls.

Data Integration

Alpha Anywhere V4 introduces many features in the area of data access and integration, including support for OData, MongoDB, additonal Amazon S3 Integration, and access to web sockets. Support has also been added for SQLite (see the Offline Data and Synhcronization section for details).


Alpha Software offers an extensive set of built-in security features. In addition, Alpha Anywhere's front-end and back-end capabilities allow you to handle complex enterprise security requirements such as authentication and SSL.


Alpha Anywhere V4 builds on its strengths in the area of offline data storage and synchronization. New features include a client-side data cache, support for SQLite, and access to the device file system via Action JavaScript. There is also a new Synhcronization Log Table to make data synchronization more robust.

IIS Server

One of the biggest new features of Alpha Anywhere V4 is the official release of the Alpha Application Server for IIS. In addition there is a better performing way to publish applications using the (regular) Alpha Application Server that uses HTTP instead of FTP.

Developer IDE

Dozens of improvements have been made to the Developer IDE.


Alpha Anywhere V4 continues to build on the strength of its integration with PhoneGap Build. The biggest of these new features is the PhoneGap Shell, which is a UX component that can save substantial amounts of time during development and debugging.

New Online Documentation System

With the release of Alpha Anywhere V4 we are also unveiling our improved online documentation system. Detailed user guides, reference materials and full elastic search make this new documentation system much easier to use.

Updates Since the Initial V4 Release

Alpha Anywhere V4.0 was released on April 26, 2016 and we're not resting on our laurels. Here's what we've released to subscribers since the initial release of Alpha Anywhere V4.0:

V4.1 · May 3, 2016
New features include:

  • Push Notifications
  • SVG Icons
  • Search Highlighting

Full list of updates