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Alpha Anywhere V4 is now available

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The most significant improvements in Alpha Anywhere V4 are in the area of Mobile Optimized Forms. This includes the introduction of several new controls including the Form View Control, which allows you create very powerful and flexible mobile interfaces that include digital ink and image annotation. There is also a new audio control, and the ability to create custom controls.

New ViewBox Control, dynamic to create web forms

Viewbox Control

A ViewBox control is a generalized (and extremely versatile) way of creating various types of controls on a page. A ViewBox control allows you to create controls that have 'behaviors'. Like all controls on an HTML page, a ViewBox controls is, at its core, just some HTML and JavaScript that renders some text on the HTML page. But unlike static HTML, the HTML rendered by a ViewBox can be dynamically generated by merging data into an HTML template using the client-side templating feature in Alpha Anywhere.

FormView Control

Formview Control and Editor Sets

The new FormView control is an extremely versatile and powerful control that allows you to build complex and highly stylized user interfaces. It does this by merging data from an HTML template to create touch-enabled user interfaces that are optimized for mobile devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. For examples and screenshots, see the FormView control documentation.

Ink in mobile forms apps

Ink Control

The new Ink Control provides advanced capabilities for capturing and displaying handwriting, notes, and drawings. This includes "zoomed writing" to let the user write with large letters with their finger that is shrunk to look like it was written with a fine pen on a full sheet of paper, eraser, undo/redo, multiple "pen" colors and thicknesses as well as highlighters, and more. These capabilities were previously only available in dedicated, native apps. Photos can be annotated, and results can be strokebased for sharpness or bitmap images.

Audio control PhoneGap plugin

Audio Control

The new Audio Controls provide advanced capabilities to capture and display audio and sound recordings. This includes control of the saved information to minimize the size without sacrificing understandability, access to functions and events to tune the UI to the task, and the ability to pause and resume recording. Alpha Software has produced an enhanced PhoneGap plugin to facilitate this control that includes support cross all platforms, which is not the case with the standard PhoneGap media plugin.

Pre-rendered components to speed touch optimized forms

Pre-rendered UX Components

UX components can now be pre-rendered before they are requested from the server, which can greatly boost performance and decrease server load.

Other User Interface and User Experience features:

  • Sub-theme picker for UX component
  • Built in jQuery updated to v1.11.3 and jQuery UI v 1.11.4
  • onSQLError event has been added to the UX
  • Tabbed UI now supports keyboard shortucts
  • ImageISEmpty() method for data bound image controls
  • Multiple controls can be refreshed with a single AJAX callback
  • New UX template for handling heirarchical (relational) JSON data
  • UTF8 SQL Data now supported in Free Form Reports
  • Panel Overlays now support a zIndex property
  • New Auto-Suggest control of UX and Grid components
  • Ability to deselect rows in a list control
  • New PDF printer driver options
  • Radio and checkboxes can now be rendered right to left for right to left lanuguage interfaces
  • Ability to add multiple markers to a map using client-side data
  • Ability to dynamically set the columns that appear in a list
  • Ability to save custom settings in a UX
  • New .setWatermark() method for UX components
  • New Media with Compression plug-in for PhoneGap
  • New Image Picker plug-in for PhoneGap
  • New Camera with Exif plug-in for PhoneGap