HTML Reporting Action Scripting

Alpha Anywhere reports can be created and downloaded locally as PDF files for viewing. While PDFs are a widely supported file format, creating reports as PDFs can be a slow process. Displaying PDFs in a mobile application can also be tricky depending on the platform and whether or not native PDF viewers are available on the device.

Alpha Anywhere has an alternative to PDF reports that is faster and can be easily integrated into any web or mobile application: HTML Reporting.

HTML Reporting is significantly faster than PDF reporting. It takes less time to generate a report as HTML because Alpha Anywhere does not need to use a separate printer driver to create PDF file. HTML Reports can also be rendered in any web browser or directly in mobile applications without needing to integrate third-party plugins. In addition, if your users need to save reports as a separate file, HTML Reports can be exported to PDF as well as Word and Excel.

In this video, we show how easy it is to add HTML Reports anywhere in your application using our low-code approach with Action Javascript.

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