Build with JavaScript

Create working prototype apps for Apple Watch on an iPhone with WatchBenchTM from Alpha Software

Experiment and test

Alpha WatchBenchTM is designed for use by mobile architects and others interested in experimenting with writing custom apps and testing them on Apple Watch.

Build projects quickly

The API provided to your JavaScript is powerful and concise. What may take many lines of native code can often be accomplished with a few lines of JavaScript calling WatchBench functions.

WatchBench prototypes are much more than simple screen mockups or wireframes.

Use real data

WatchBench prototype apps can be working code that interacts with real, remote data services, have working buttons and menus, and can look quite polished.

Try built-in samples

Extensive documentation is built into the WatchBench iPhone app, including sample projects as well as boilerplate function calls and data structures.

Learn more

Take a look at Support, try out Samples, or check out some videos About the WatchBenchTM app from Alpha Software.