TransForm Case Study

How a Construction Supervisor Built a Complex Mobile App for Site Inspection in Minutes


Construction Supervisor Modernizes Site Inspection with a Mobile App Built in Minutes


"We're getting better data, faster and speeding our site inspections. And I did it all in minutes with TransForm."

- Kevin H., Supervisor, Construction Firm

Construction Firm

A construction firm in the midwest is constructing commercial real estate projects with a team of over 150 employees. The company has operated for more than 20 years across multiple states. 


Speed to Market 

Sophisticated data capture app built in under 20 minutes

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Smartphone Use

Fast, easy capture of detailed data on any workers' smartphone


Data Integration

Easily connects to all required corporate systems of record

Business Challenge

The Company user a paper-and-clipboard process when inspecting equipment or construction sites. While investing in tablets was cost prohibitive for the company in previous years, utilizing employees smartphones was a great opportunity to improve the speed and accuracy of data capture, while cutting down on paper and manual data entry costs.

Company management used mobile devices for approvals and to review financial and sales dashboards. With virtually every company employee carrying a smartphone in their pocket, management believed the time was right to leverage the power of smartphones out in the field - to better manage projects, identify and route incidents faster, manage punchlists and conduct routine site inspections. The company did not have an in-house IT team, so the management team tasked Supervisor Kevin H. with exploring the options and determining where to begin. 

After reading about how other construction companies were leveraging workers' smartphones to capture site data, Kevin decided to begin with one of the most critical data capture efforts for the company: site and equipment inspections. Kevin has no development or IT experience and he expected to have to buy an app or hire a development firm to do the work. Unfortunately, the company had not allocated any special funds for an app and he was skeptical he could find the right solution within his budget.. 

"I am not a developer or programmer. I've never built an app before, and now all our site inspections are running on a business app I created in minutes."


Kevin accepted bids from development firms, and evaluated forms products that had inspection forms.  Immediately it was clear that using a development firm was outside of his budget.  He looked at several forms products that could capture the data his company required, but he quickly discovered they were not valid options for several reasons. First, these vendors' products could not capture the rich mobile data his company required offline. This was a major problem, because often a cell signal or WiFi are not available on new construction sites. Also, these projects had limited ability to capture video and image files, and none of the images could be marked-up with inspectors' notes.  For inspections, taking images and annotating issues and areas of concern was a requirement.  Finally, the vendors could save the data in XLS or cloud databases, but he needed to get the data from the inspections back into his company's systems of record to make moving to mobile truly efficient for the organization. He came across Alpha Software when researching "apps in minutes" and after seeing a reasonable price on the company's website, decided to give Alpha TransForm a trial.

As part of his trial, Kevin built his first inspection app -- complete with image capture with annotation, GPS capture, inspector signature capture, etc. - in minutes. While he could have started with a TransForm inspection sample app, Tom crafted his app based off the form his company used so he could directly map the to his company's format and process. TransForm automatically optimized his fields for one-handed data-capture on a smartphone, including one-click pass/fail, customized keyboards (for example, when only numerals are required). "In minutes, I had a professional looking app running on my own smartphone."

Kevin watched two additional 10-minute tutorials to understand how to quickly add his company's logo and brand the app. His new inspection app tested and deployed through Alpha Cloud within days. Integration capabilities within Alpha allowed Kevin to connect the app to the company's existing systems with very little effort.

"Before our trial was over, 3 inspectors had already used the app successfully," he explained.  

The TransForm data-capture app has collapsed inspection turnarounds, decreased paper and data-entry costs, and dramatically increased data accuracy and depth. 


Kevin reports that inspectors love the new construction app. They're able to collect images and video that couldn't be captured in the previous paper process. Corporate is pleased with the results because problems arising from inspections are noted THAT DAY. This has dramatically reduced lags in the company's inspection and project sign-off processes. The company is also covered should any issues arise because the data is all captured and logged securely in its corporate systems. 

The site inspection app has been so successful that Kevin has already started work on mobilizing the company's equipment inspection processes. "I'm rolling out our second app now. I'm working with our team to build out our first equipment inspection app and I plan to have that one completed and in use this month. I couldn't be happier with the results and the price."

"I'm rolling out our second app now. I'm working with our team to build out our first equipment inspection app and I plan to have that one completed and in use this month. I couldn't be happier with the results and the price."

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