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Alpha TransForm Analytics


Medical Form

Tracking and reporting on scheduled work, such as a hospital disinfection process, is a breeze using TransForm. 


Fire Detection & Alarm System Test

Field service work such as testing and reporting status of equipment and kicking off "workflows" is fast and efficient using TransForm.


Weekly Health & Safety Audit

Adding color coded reference, as you see here in this Health and Saftey Audit, and other reference images is very easy using Alpha TransForm.


 Patient Evaluation Form

Speed and accuracy were greatly improved with this hospital intake form, and the whole transcription cycle was eliminated.



Workers Compensation Form

TransForm helped one state modernize their employee records such as this worker compensation form.
In addition, with TransForm's built-in customizable dashboards, it was possible to use analytics to gain insights and spot trends.


Concrete & Metals Inspection Checklist

Even highly dense and very complex forms, such as this Multi-Party Concrete Inspection Checklist was no trouble for Alpha TransForm.

TransForm 2022
Ensure that your data is accurate, timely, and trustworthy.

Alpha TransForm allows anyone to build and deploy mobile (and web) forms apps in hours or even minutes.

  • Integrates with corporate databases and systems, social networks or web services
  • Works with or without a WiFi or cell signal, including data lookups
  • Captures large media files
  • Offers built-in analytics, dashboards and workflow capabilities
  • Exports data to Excel, Tableau or workflow programs