Alpha Software

by Susan Hussey Bush

Free Quick Start tutorial for building web and mobile applications with Alpha Anywhere

Start building your web and mobile Alpha Anywhere business applications fast with this free Quick Start Guide. Through five chapters—complete with step-by-step instruction and screenshots—you'll learn how Alpha Anywhere works and how you can quickly access the large store of builders, documentation, and videos that will expand your knowledge and give you help when you need it.

  • Chapter 1: The Alpha Five Advantage will introduce you to the software and describe its basic elements.
  • Chapter 2: Sampling the System will show you how to use the software and create web components.
  • Chapter 3: Marching into Mobile will introduce you to mobile design.
  • Chapter 4: Questions and Answers details the use of the extensive library of documentation and videos.
  • Chapter 5: Dazzling Design describes additional features and programming aids.