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AlphaMed Solutions include electronic healthcare records, customized solutions and modern healthcare and business apps that collect and analyze real-time critical patient data. These HIPAA-compliant solutions utilize cutting edge medical protocols, collect and access medical data at high speed, work with or without a WIFI or cell signal, and can integrate with virtually any healthcare system. AlphaMED solutions combine the expertise of practicing physicians and award-winning Alpha Software engineers.

Keeping Kids Safe

Written by front-line physicians treating COVID-19 patients in New York City throughout the pandemic, the AlphaMED Back to School App removes the screening burden from school staff, identifies COVID risks before they arrive onsite, and guides parents and administrators through the quarantine and illness process.  


Workplace Wellness App for Employees

The physician-directed AlphaMED Workplace Wellness App uses established medical science and CDC/WHO guidelines to minimize downtime safely in organizations. This wellness app stops potential COVID cases before they reach the office, minimizes the risks of inadequate care or a prolonged or deepening illness, or a premature return to the workplace.

AlphaMED Professional Services

Do you need to customize or white-label one of our existing solutions? Do you need a unique medical solution built for your business, healthcare service or medical device company? The AlphaMED Professional Services team is ready to work with you to scope and build out your custom solution.


COVID Risk Assessment App

The free AlphaMED COVID Risk Assessment App enables anyone to assess their inherent risk of getting COVID-19 and understand whether their symptoms are actually from the virus or another cause. It will assess if they need urgent care or ongoing follow-up with their physician. The app also speeds the triaging of patients in medical centers, offices and clinics, and allows rapid dissemination of changes in guidelines as more is learned about the behavior of the virus. 

COVID 19 Blog Posts


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