Utilize the Google Maps API for Work Applications

Alpha Anywhere does the "heavy lifting" for you when it comes to mapping, geography, and geographic information systems (GIS). Easily create cross platform HTML5 mobile field service apps with Google live maps features. Additional native GPS iOS and GPS Android features become available through PhoneGap.

Use the Google Maps API to help users visualize location information in a variety of ways-including plotting data as markers on a map, geography searches based on a custom defined radius or polygon, clicking and dragging to set a display area, and much more. And, Alpha Anywhere can automatically geocode data as it's submitted, so that you can seamlessly map user records and build powerful GIS applications.

Thanks to Action JavaScript, it’s incredibly easy to add complex GPS Google mapping operations to your business apps without writing any code. Supported Action JavaScript actions include:

  • Add one or many markers to a map
  • Show marker details (i.e. open the Info Box)
  • Show/hide marker
  • Remove marker(s)
  • Center map
  • Set zoom level
  • Refresh map
  • Emphasize/De-emphasize markers
How to Build a Google Maps App Overview Performing Geography Searches Adding Markers to a Map

One of the distinct advantages of using the Google maps API and mapping data is the ability to convey to your users specific information quickly and easily through visual cues. This is especially true when you are developing with the small form factor of smartphones in mind. Take control over the way your data is displayed on the map by incorporating custom HTML and JavaScript where you want it, or, dynamically specify your marker icons, add marker animation and much more.

  • Customizable map markers:
    When you place a marker on your GPS maps, you have full control over the icon that is used. Dynamically specify each marker according to your data source and use custom images, titles, animation, JavaScript functions etc. to convey information about the corresponding record-all within an easy to use property selector.
  • Customizable bubble callouts and info boxes:
    Set an expression to customize what is shown in the bubble callout which is displayed when a user hovers over a given marker. And, add custom HTML and JavaScript to the info box that is displayed once a user clicks the marker. The HTML can include placeholders that incorporate data from the record.
Customizing Map Markers Using Image Sequences Customizing Bubble Callouts and Info Boxes

Display your reports as HTML, PDF or both. With lightning fast performance, HTML reports are perfect for your mobile applications while PDF reports provide total control over how your report appears when it’s printed-including page headers, footers and numbering.

You get the power of both. Just click a button while in the HTML version of the report to get the PDF version.

And, with HTML reports you don't have to give up the convenience of a reader interface. An HTML report viewer is included that has a customizable toolbar. In addition to HTML and PDF, your data can be exported directly to Excel, Word, and ASCII with the full structure of a report definition.
HTML Reporting with Action Scripting

HTML Reporting with Action Scripting

The Alpha Anywhere Report Server automatically assigns the task of generating reports to separate processes on different cores. Perfect for applications that include resource intensive reports as well as applications that need to handle multiple report requests at once, the Report Server makes report generation a breeze without time-consuming server tie-ups.

By balancing the load across multiple processes and cores, you will never slow down your application or delay other reports from being generated.

Report Server


Easily integrate sophisticated, dynamic charts and graphs into your data driven business apps. Help users visualize critical data trends by adding any of Alpha Anywhere’s myriad of rich charting options-such as bar charts, 3D charts, donut charts, hi-lo charts, box charts, spline charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter charts, and many more.

Perfect for building dashboards, or as a visual component for your reports, Alpha Anywhere’s charting capabilities enable you to:

  • Plot multiple data series on a single chart using the same series style, or by mixing chart types
  • Fire server-side and client-side events based on user interaction
  • Dynamically display additional information based on a user’s mouse/touch events
  • Export to a PDF or RTF file
  • And much, much more!

And it’s easy to add interactive and animated charts through a 3rd party component.

Charting Overview

Google Visualization

Use the Google Visualization API in your web and mobile applications. This API lets you create charts, gauges, and other elements to show your data in a visual way. This is ideal for both reporting and dashboard interfaces. Google provides many sample JavaScript snippets showing you how each of the features can be used.

When designing your application Alpha loads the Google JSAPI files you need. Just check boxes to load the code.

Google Visualization

Mobile Reporting

Create full featured reports that can include grouping, calculations, summaries, images and more - all optimzied for smartphones and tablets.

Navigate directly to the sections of a report that interest you by clicking either a bookmark link or a link in the report's table of contents. The full power of sophisticated reporting merges with the convenience of a small screen.

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Setting Up the Alpha Security Framework - A Step by Step Guide
Alpha Anywhere's built in Security Framework enables you to easily add fine-tuned
security and policy controls to your mobile applications.


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