Why Mobile Forms Are Important

“By 2020, more than 75% of field service organizations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection and add capabilities that help technicians succeed.”

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management,”

By 2020, 70% of all access to enterprise systems will be done via mobile devices.
As smartphones and tablets replace PCs and laptops, companies realize huge payoffs when mobile apps are used by field service workers.

Mobile forms - forms for mobile devices - represent the majority of mobile apps that field workers will use. These mobile forms dispatch field teams, track their work, and collect data during site visits and inspections. They can also record or initiate work orders or service repairs.

The need for more mobile forms will only increase as more and more companies replace paper processes with smartphones.

How Mobile Forms Solutions Increase Productivity

Forms automation software for field service has an incredible impact on field team productivity. One furniture warranty company realized an 80% increase in its field team's productivity with the addition of mobile forms. Other research indicates that mobile forms for field service have a 50 percent ROI in only two years. Here are some of the ways mobile forms collect data anywhere and increase field team productivity:

  • Less confusion between dispatchers and techs
  • Better tracking and dispatching of field service staff
  • Increased field team efficiency
  • Instant access to new data in the field
  • Improved customer experience
  • Access to a full range of smartphone capabilities to power better tracking, scheduling, information gathering and more

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Mobile Forms for Field Service Productivity | Alpha Software

Who Builds Mobile Forms?

Mobile Forms for Business Process Mobilization | Alpha Software

Gartner, Forrester and IDC have released survey data indicating a massive bottleneck across all industries. Companies have hundreds of processes to mobilize, yet have only gotten a few out the door.

To solve the problem, companies are embracing the practice of encouraging business users to help digitize and mobilize business processes. Business users are using drag and drop mobile forms software to take processes mobile. They're turning single-column or multi-column forms into custom mobile forms for business activities.

Mobile forms software allows business users who cannot code to mobilize paper forms without needing help from IT. The best technology solutions allow business users and IT to collaborate whenever necessary. Each side of the business can then contribute value to the digital transformation effort.

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What Do Digital Forms Need to Do?

Modern fieldwork calls for forms workflows that go beyond basic data collection to streamline work and next steps in real-time. Some examples of these user friendly capabilities are:

  • Help the worker with form completion, including speeding data entry with radio buttons 
  • Work offline and run flawlessly on any mobile device, regardless of platform or screen size.
  • Be location and time aware.
  • Have powerful features optimized for one-handed smartphone data entry.
  • Take full advantage of mobile hardware (to store large rich media files, etc.).
  • Scan bar or QR codes and perform relative look-ups against remote data sources or on-device databases.
  • Utilize digital ink (for things like annotating images and digital signatures).
  • Pre-fill data on a mobile app from a corporate system of records and take advantage of web services and workflow automation.
  • Initiate SMSes or emails based on calculations or transformations performed on the collected data.
  • Create dynamic and filtered pick-lists for much faster and more accurate data input.

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Mobile forms software can have a dramatic effect on competitive advantage, ROI and productivity impact. They can collect new types of business data not possible with forms. They can provide instant access to field data.

Mobile Data Collection for Today's Business Needs

Mobile Forms for Today's Business Needs | Alpha Software

It's important to recognize that mobile forms are very different from desktop applications or traditional paper forms. Mobile apps will disappoint end-users if they don't address the real-world mobile experiences that field workers face. Examples of problems faced by field workers include:

  • An HVAC inspector inputs data and gets an error message alert that this critical meter is outside safe working parameters. The app must do the calculation and check against safety parameters. It must alert the inspector then immediately initiate a workflow or send an SMS/email to remediate the problem.
  • A field service worker without a cell or Wi-Fi signal needs to service various generators. When she scans a barcode on the generator, it brings up a service manual with relevant service videos. This large data file must be stored on the mobile device for use when offline.

What Do Mobile Forms Cost?

Mobile forms are an iterative effort. Forms need to be maintained and updated. It’s critical to consider how any solution will scale over time. Ask how price and performance will change when you:

  • Add new forms?
  • Add more forms builders or end-users?
  • Add more form submissions?
  • Adapt to new operating system updates?
  • Integrate new mobile device/IoT features?
How Much Do Mobile Forms Cost? | Alpha Software
Most online form builders are sold as SaaS solutions at a cost between $12 - $50 per month for a license.

Alpha TransForm is an affordable, sophisticated form creator with conditional logic. It includes data and workflow integration, offline operation, outstanding user experiences, and more for as low as $5 per user. Full mobile form design capabilities let you craft as many forms as you need for any size mobile screen. Your mobile forms apps will work on small screens, include long forms and feature action buttons.

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How to Create a Mobile Form

Demo: Turn a Visiting Nurse Paper Form into a Mobile Form in Minutes 

The mobile form in the demo can secure the exact GPS location of the nurse’s visit. It can send an audio recording of the patient’s coughing pattern and capture the patient’s pulse with a stopwatch.

With the technologies available today, building data collection apps can be fast and easy. Alpha Software mobile forms software, Alpha TransForm, includes app templates for a variety of mobile forms. App templates available in our mobile forms software include: car mileage, home inspection, solar installation, medical intake, and others, making it the best software to create forms.

You can turn paper forms into mobile forms within minutes, with capabilities like:

  • The ability to work without a Wi-Fi or cell connection
  • Rapid one-handed data collection
  • GPS and time stamping
  • Audio recording
  • Image capture and annotation
  • Speech-to-text capability
  • Barcode scanning
  • Digital signature capture

Build Forms for Mobile Devices in Minutes

Mobile Form Examples...

Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software
Mobile Form Example | Alpha Software

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