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Harness the Benefits of Mobile Apps in Educational Institutions

Alpha Software speeds mobile app development and mobile form creation for a wide range of academic institutions and educational organizations.
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How Mobile Education Apps Benefit Academic Institutions

Academic institutions and educators must collect, analyze and share various types of information, such as parent and student sign-ups, activity schedules, incident reporting, staff certification tracking and more. Digitizing processes and paper forms enables universities and schools to:


  • Increase worker efficiency by reducing the hours spent on each daily activity.
  • Improve service to students and families with on-demand mobile experiences that provide better assistance and access to data.
  • Lower risk by increasing safety, eliminating data-entry mistakes and increasing access to critical data.

The best mobile apps work offline, are optimized for one-handed data entry (i.e., speech-to-text) and tie into systems of record to facilitate better information sharing and response. 

Adopting digital transformation technology affords academic institutions and educators significant time and cost savings, along with reduced risk.

With mobile apps, not only will data capture and sharing improve, but utilizing data to make better and faster decisions will dramatically impact the bottom line.

White Paper: Mobilizing Business Forms
How Mobile Technologies Can Dramatically Improve Field Operations

Build Education Apps in Minutes, Without Limits

Alpha Software helps education and academic institutions build directory, incident reporting, dispatch, facility inspection and safety apps that capture and deliver critical data anytime, anywhere. With Alpha TransForm, you can easily build cross-platform business apps in minutes that work offline and offer the latest in mobile data capture. Your apps can connect into your existing business systems, processes and data investments; making workers more productive, and streamlining business activities and alerts. For power users, TransForm includes a "coding-optional" capability to meet more complex workflow, integration or security requirements. 
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Powerful Data Capture Apps for Teachers, Professors, Students, Families and Administrators

School Directories  •  Registration  •  Activity Sign-up and Invoicing  •  Certifications and Training  •  
Equipment Inspections  •  Incident Reports •  Time and Attendance  • 
Dispatch  •  Licensing  •  Workplace Wellness  •  and more,,, 

Includes complimentary education app templates.

Why Customers Choose Alpha

With Alpha Anywhere, users of all skill levels can speed the development and delivery of school directory, registration and invoicing, activity sign-up and analytics apps that work offline.

Key Features for Mobile Education Apps

Alpha TransForm has built-in capabilities that streamline administrative work and ensure that staff, administrators and parents are always productive, informed and always in touch. 

  • Offline operation
  • Time and date stamping
  • GIS and location tracking abilities
  • Stopwatches and timers
  • Image capture with mark-up
  • Offline storage of large data files (images, audio, manuals, etc.)
  • Cross-platform performance
  • Speech-to-text
  • Audio recording
  • Complex Calculations
  • Embedded business logic
  • Integration with corporate systems of record

Higher Education

Alpha TransForm apps facilitate:

  • Improved student, parent and staff communications
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Fast, accurate emergency and incident reporting

Case Study

Brock University Men's Hockey Team Gets in the Analytics Game with New Mobile App

Assistant Coach Builds Analytics App using Low-Code App Development that Helps Lead Team to Championship

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"Alpha surpasses all other rapid application development platforms for building simple yet robust apps."


- Gary Miotto
Assistant Coach
Brock University

"If we had to build the core from scratch, it would have taken three times as long. But with Alpha, we made our May 1st deadline."


- Tracy Oken

"We recognized right away that Alpha was the only product that could do what we wanted with the resources we had, and in the shortest time possible."


- Steve Power
Principal Consultant