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Alpha Software speeds mobile app development and mobile form creation for a wide range of energy companies.
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How Mobile Apps Benefit Energy Companies

Energy apps must collect and share critical information on installations, equipment maintenance, emergency response dispatch and worker safety. Digitizing business processes and paper forms enables energy companies to:

  • Increase worker efficiency by reducing the hours spent on each daily activity.
  • Capture the knowledge of more experienced workers in intelligent apps that can guide less experienced workers.
  • Lower risk by eliminating data-entry mistakes and delayed access to critical data.

The best mobile apps work offline, are optimized for one-handed data entry (i.e., speech-to-text) and tie into systems of record to auto-populate critical information for employees and share information with the rest of the organization more quickly. 

56% of CEOs said digital improvements have led to revenue growth. Gartner

With mobile apps, not only will data collection and sharing improve, but utilizing data to make better and faster business decisions will dramatically impact the company's bottom line.

White Paper: Mobilizing Business Forms
How Mobile Technologies Can Dramatically Improve Field Operations

Build Energy Apps in Minutes, Without Limits

Alpha Software helps energy companies prototype and build maintenance, inspection and incident reporting apps that capture and deliver critical data anytime, anywhereWith Alpha TransForm, you can easily build cross-platform business apps in minutes that work offline and offer the latest in mobile data capture. Your apps can connect into your existing business systems, processes and data investments, making workers more productive and streamlining business activities. For power users, TransForm includes a "coding-optional" capability to meet more complex workflow, integration or security requirements. 

 Alpha Energy Solutions

Powerful Data Capture Apps for Engineers, Maintenance Workers and Inspectors

Safety Inspections  •  Emergency Response  •  Work Orders  •  Gemba Walks  •  Site Audits  •  Certifications and Training    
Equipment Inspections  •  Work Orders •  Time and Attendance  •  ISO Certifications   
Dispatch  •  Licensing  •  Workplace Wellness  •  and more,,,

Includes complimentary energy app templates.

Why Energy Companies Choose Alpha

Users of all skill levels  can digitize energy processes and turn the smartphone into a business productivity tool.

Key Features for Mobile Energy Apps

Alpha TransForm has built-in capabilities that streamline energy field work and ensure that workers are always productive, even in very challenging, remote locations.

  • Offline operation
  • Time and date stamping
  • GIS and location tracking abilities
  • Stopwatches and timers
  • Image capture with mark-up
  • Offline storage of large data files (images, audio, manuals, etc.)
  • Cross-platform performance
  • Speech-to-text
  • Audio recording
  • Complex Calculations
  • Embedded business logic
  • Integration with corporate systems of record

solar energy repair

Alpha TransForm apps facilitate:

  • Faster inspection and maintenance
  • Increased equipment and worker efficiency
  • Improved worker safety and compliance
  • Reduced risk

Case Study

Energy Inspection App Drives Dramatic Time Savings in the Field and Back Office

Principal Engineer Digitizes Home Energy Rating Process, Dramatically Reducing Front-End Inspection and Back-Office Processing Time

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"A big selling point was its offline capabilities. Workers at the plants we work on can be out of reach of the Internet, so Alpha's ability to build mobile apps that work when offline was a tremendous draw." 


- Andrew Rachel
Database Manager
Rev1 Power Services

"There is no limit - the only limit is our imagination."


- Darol Harrison
Principal Engineer and CEO
Building Engineering Company

"Alpha did a great job for both me and the offshore company. I was able to build the app quickly, and they've gotten significant benefits from it."


- Thomas Guth
Major Offshore Drilling Company