Inspire Confidence with Employees and Customers

Your employees and customers want to feel safe when your business reopens and they return to work. Alpha Software has established this resource page to help your organization get the latest facts, access new health guidelines, and find ways to give employees and customers peace of mind as you reopen your business.

Workers must feel safe in their working environments.

Successful Reopening Strategies

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How Digital is Key for Business Recovery After COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has shut down many businesses. Over time, organizations will begin reopening and welcome customers. Health experts say digital transformation is the key to recovery.

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COVID’s Big Business Lesson: Double-Down on Digital 

Wonder if it's time to accelerate your digital transformation and move to a paperless office? McKinsey has a message for you: Do it double-time now, or your business may go away.

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Post Covid Office

Low-Code App Development Is Helping To Battle COVID-19

Low-code app development is helping medical professionals, emergency services and researchers share information, collect data, share information and battle COVID-19 around the world.

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Bain & Company

Bain & Company Back to Work Brief
An online resource with results of worker surveys about returning to their work sites, data on the economy and the best safety and worker protection practices  across industries.

Alpha Software offers the critical tools to execute on these reopening strategies:
  • Alpha Anywhere, a low-code app development platform that speeds app design and development by ensuring that developers achieve high productivity without sacrificing flexibility and the ability to code.
  • Alpha TransForm, a mobile forms builder that can turn complex paper forms and data collection processes into mobile apps in just hours.

How Technology is Helping Countries Reopen

Technology solutions that are helping organizations adapt during the COVID-19 pandemic and reach a "new normal." 

Reopen Business without Sacrificing Safety

As more organizations take the first, tentative steps toward reopening, business leaders must take bold action to enable their organizations to thrive in a post-COVID world.

Digital technologies – from contactless ordering to delivery tracking to mobile data collection - can help keep workers and customers safer in a world where social distancing is now paramount. 

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Adapt work processes to new office layouts that require social distancing and include remote team members

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Ensure a safe reopening that discourages the spread of COVID-19 by employing:

  • Employee wellness checks
  • Contact tracing
  • Office scheduling
  • Facility inspections, cleaning and disinfecting checklists and inventory reordering
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Replace paper forms with digital processes that maintain social distancing and reduce shared office materials

Alpha Software offers a range of technologies and solutions that can help your organization streamline existing processes and establish new ones that serve the needs of a workforce operating during a pandemic.

Concerned that you or your colleague may be at risk for COVID-19?

Meet Reopening Guidelines

Reopen construction sites safely

Accelerate Construction Compliance 

Often considered "essential," construction companies have an urgent need to establish new processes for health safety and compliance during the pandemic.

Reopen manufacturing plants quickly and safely

Bring Manufacturing Plants Online

Manufacturers face incredible pressure to bring factories back on line, reorganize work schedules and ensure shop floors, warehouses and field repair workers are safe.

Enable safe delivery and shipping

Delivery and Logistics

While some shipping and delivery series are witnessing a boom that required new processes, others have had to layoff or furlough employees in response to the pandemic.

Ensure office worker health and safety

Comply with
General Office

As millions of office workers return to work and expect clean and safe working conditions, employers will need to new health checks and certification processes.

For expert, industry-specific business guidance on reopening safely, visit, an online resource
ponsored by AIHA, premier association for occupational health and safety (OHS) science professionals.

For complete CDC facts on novel coronavirus and back-to-work guidelines, visit

Quickly Adapt to the New "Normal"

Enable Dynamic New Ways to Work

Extend existing systems to remote teams and rapid data collection to any device.

Critical Processes

Digitize paper and workflows in hours to streamline work and ensure compliance.


Enable fast and accurate data collection, information sharing and risk mitigation.

Need Advice or Help?

Our experts are here to advise and help. We can offer ideas for sharing data with remote teams, methods of certifying employees to enter the office safely, digitizing paper processes to adhere to social distancing guidelines and more.

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