TechTarget Credits Alpha Software with Helping Organizations Innovate Around Wearables

TechTarget and other tech outlets are continuing to write about the potential use of wearable devices in business. While there are many cool new wearable technologies coming out, companies are looking for ways to test how these technologies may or not fit into their business models.

This week, TechTarget reporter Frank Churchville takes a look at the use of smartwatches by corporate developers in his article, “Let’s Innovate: Uncovering Hidden Powers of the Smartwatch.”  Churchville discusses the need for companies to find new ways to test smartwatch apps and profiles Alpha Software’s Alpha WatchBench app for iPhones as a great example of a tool developers can use to prototype business apps for Apple smartwatches.

Apple Watch in the Enterprise

The article credits Alpha Software with helping empower developers “to quickly and easily build working prototype apps for Apple smartwatches, using just an Apple iPhone and knowledge of the JavaScript language.” Churchill explains that while it’s not the only development tool for Apple smartwatches, Alpha Watchbench offers unique accelerator keys; a more polished, ioS8-ish look; the ability to build tools in JavaScript: and the extensive amount of documentation. Churchville interviews Alpha Software CTO Dan Bricklin, discussing how companies can save money and increase efficiency with wearables, but need to prototype and test new apps quickly and easily so they can best experiment with these wearables and find the best opportunities for their business.

The then profiles an early Alpha WatchBench app by developer David Kates:

“…So how has the use of WatchBench played out in the real world? A few places, actually – including the NHL. Developer David Kates was able to use WatchBench to create a simple app – NHL Stats – which connects to an Amazon S3 table containing JSON about the Stanley Cup Finals, delivering real-time scores and other game information to fans on their wearable devices. And while this might seem like a big undertaking, it took Kates less than two hours to construct his application – with absolutely no prior experience building a smartwatch app…”

The article concludes:

“Perhaps Bricklin has saved us from the fiery, seemingly never-ending debate over the significance – or lack thereof – of wearables.”

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