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Tech Stuff That Will Rock Your World

Paul Gillin, Author and B2B Social Media Strategist

Information technology is changing our world at a speed that is unprecedented in human history. The world's collective knowledge is now at our fingertips via our mobile devices. Mobile access is changing the nature of relationships between consumers and producers. Data analytics is not only yielding fascinating insights into ourselves and the world around us but beginning to predict our preferences and behaviors. Computers are writing news stories, driving cars and buying products before we even know we want them. Big data and the decoded genome have brought us to the brink of eliminating the world's deadliest diseases. The latest generation of robots can clean house, serve drinks, climb stairs and make 300 custom hamburgers an hour.

Will all this innovation lead to a better quality of life or mass unemployment? Will there be such a thing as privacy when our every move is documented and analyzed? Does privacy even matter? This presentation is a high-level fly-over of major technology breakthroughs that are rocking our world - or are just about to.

About Mr. Gillin

Paul Gillin is a writer, speaker and online marketing consultant who specializes in information technology and social media. He is a prolific writer who has published hundreds of articles about technology-enabled new media while also writing five books: The New Influencers (2007), Secrets of Social Media Marketing (2008), The Joy of Geocaching (2010) , Social Marketing to the Business Customer (2011), and Attack of the Customers (2013).

Paul is a veteran technology journalist with over 25 years of editorial leadership experience. He was editor-in-chief and executive editor of Computerworld magazine for 12 years and founding editor of TechTarget, a leading online technology publisher. For the past two years Paul has been enterprise editor of SiliconAngle, a news site that specializes in big data, cloud computing, IT infrastructure and mobility. Paul was a monthly columnist for BtoB magazine for seven years and currently writes a monthly column for His website is and he blogs at

Executive Panel

Bruce McKinnon Sr. Director, Clinical Systems Development, Medstar Health

Tim Bochard, Vice President of Information Technology, Glacier Water Services Inc.

Wayne Freeman, Director of Information Technology, Merrick Pet Care (a Nestle-Purina Company)

Tom Ritter, Vice President of IT, Caraustar Industries

Customer Case Study Sessions

Case Study: OERCA Mobile and Field Application for Zoological Management
Steve Workings, Custom Database Consultant, IADN

Case Study: How a Major School District is Using Mobile Optimized Forms
Rich Kerr, President, Rich Kerr & Associates

Case Study: Mobile Sales App for Merrick Pet Care
Wayne Freeman, Director of Information Technology, Merrick Pet Care (a Nestle-Purina Company)

Michael Conti, Vice President of Development, Clients First

Case Study: Warren County, New York
Jeremy Scrime, Senior Computer Systems Analyst/Programmer,